Witchcraft Breakup Spell


Breaking up is not an easy task but by using the breakup spell is a way to get relieved of the pain of getting a breakup. Breaking up is worth if you do so without hurting yourself or either party. This spell can be cast on your relationship as well as on another’s relationship. But it is advised never use a spell to hurt anyone, always do this for highest good or prevent hurting.


Material Required for Casting Spell :-


1. 4 black candles


2. Ginger oil


3. Pieces of paper


4. Lavender incense

Witchcraft Breakup Spell

5. Basil


6. Thyme


7. Salt


8. Cayenne pepper


9. Fireproof dish


10. Sea salt


11. Rainwater


12. Charcoal


13. Dirt/dust


14. Shovel


15. Matches


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Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Take sea salt to create a large circle in an alone place. The circle should be enough that you can sit down or stand up easily while performing your task.


2. Take the ginger oil to anoint the candles and now place the four candles in the cardinal position inside the circle. Each candle should be kept in each direction like East, West, North, and South as well as light up each candle.


3. Keep the fireproof dish in the mid of the circle.


4. Kneel down yourself inside the circle.


5. Give fire to the incense with the flame of East representing candle.


6. Take Charcoal and write the name of the couple on the paper you want to break up. If you want to break up with your partner, write your name and your partner name on the paper.


7. Sprinkle the ginger oil on the names written paper.


8. Tear the paper into three pieces and put into the fireproof dish as well as put cayenne pepper, salt, basil, and thyme.


9. Now take the candle representing the West direction and put some wax in the fireproof dish, while doing speak these words :-


“ With All The Powers Of The West, Please Fulfill My Urging Request ”


10. Now take the candle representing the South direction, put its wax in the fireproof dish and speak these words:


“ With All The Powers Of The South, Break-Up And Say It With Your Mouth ”


11. Do the same with the candle representing East and speak these words:


“ With All The Powers Of The East, You Must Leave Because Your Love Has Much Decreased ”


12. When doing the same with North representing candle, speak these words:


“ With All The Powers Of The North, My Plea Is To Bring The Breakup Fourth ”


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13. Meditate for some time and focus intensely to end the relationship as soon as possible. Don’t try to break your intention until it completes.


14. Give fire to the material put in the fireproof dish.


15. Once it burns wait for the ashes becomes touchable.


16. Put the ashes in an envelope and add the rainwater and dirt/dust.


17. Let the candles burn out overnight or completely.


18. Bury this envelope near to a tree.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


1. Concentration towards your aim is the most important.


2. Make sure to remember the candles representing the respective directions.


3. Make sure to collect the ashes completely.


4. Once you buried the material, don’t dare to look back, straightforwardly take the way to your home.


When the Spells Would Work :-


The spell will give you result on the very next day. Within the next 11 days you will find the end of a relationship, you targeted.


Effective Time to Cast the Spell :-


It should be done on the day of the waning moon. Surely you will get your aim fulfilled. If you fail to get so, then get the assistance of an experienced spell caster.

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