Breakup Spell Using White Magic


Do you truly love someone? If it is a condition where you are in a relationship just to fulfill your needs, it will be an exceptional case. But if you truly love someone and want that person to stay with you until your last breath, this breaking spell will work for you. Many times this happens that you fall in love with a girl or boy who already loves another guy. You can opt for the break up to make your love get separated from that guy and bind to you.


Material Required to Cast Break-up Spell :-


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1. 3 Blue color candles.


2. Clove oil


3. 1 Envelope


4. Blue ink drops


5. 3 pieces of paper


6. Fireproof bowl

Breakup Spell Using White Magic

Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Choose a clean space and create a circle.


2. Anoint the blue candles in jasmine oil and light up the candles.


3. Take one piece of paper and write your name and your beloved name together.


4. Take the second piece of paper and write the name of the person you want to get separated from your lover.


5. Take the third piece of paper and write three wishes for the separated person. Remember the wishes should be positive. You can write, that he/she find love with another one, live happily after leaving your love, etc.


6. Take the clove oil and add its every drop on each paper.


7. Fold the papers carefully and place them in an envelope.


8. Place this envelope under your pillow for seven nights.


9. On the eight nights, you can burn this envelope in the fireproof bowl.


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10. Once the envelope burnt properly, take its ashes and spread in nature.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


1. Remember, this is the white spell for a breakup. Don’t make any negative wish


2. Follow each step carefully only inside the circle.


When the Breakup Spell Would Work :-


This spell will show its result on the eighth day when you burn the paper and spread in the air. Instantly, you will get the result.


Effective Time to Cast the Breakup Spell :-


When you are alone or can concentrate towards your wish. There is no specific time except your loneliness. Make sure none can come to know about this until you get a positive result by this.


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