Breakup Spell Cause Divorce


If you are not happy with your married life and want breakup without creating unnecessary scenes, use breakup spell cause divorce. This task is not only for a married couple, but if there is anyone else who wants his/her married friend get separated from an unhappy partner, can perform this task.


Material Required for Casting the Spell :-


1. Photo of the person you want separated.


2. A white candle.


3. A matchbox or a lighter.

Breakup Spell Cause Divorce

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Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Choose an alone place where none can visit until you complete your work.


2. Sit calmly, take the candle and light it up.


3. Take the picture of targeted person.


4. Burn it from one corner and start to chant these words:


“ Great Lucifer Of The Double-Edged Sword
Destroy This Couple By My Will As I Burn This Picture
Gargrellday Astro, Mastro ”


5. Chant these words until the picture turns into the ashes.


6. Let these ashes spread in the air.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


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1. Make sure to follow the right pronunciation of the spell given above.


2. The place where you perform this task should be alone where none can see you.


3. Concentrate towards your work and the speaking to this chant must be there.


When the Spells Would Work :-


If you follow each word carefully and intentionally you will see the result instantly. However, 11 days are enough to make them divorced with each other.


Effective Time to Cast the Spell :-


This spell should be performed on Tuesday during the Mars hours. Hopefully, you will get the result in your favor.


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