Black Magic Breakup Spells


If you are thinking for the most powerful breakup spell then break up using black magic is best for you. This spell delivers result in your favor with the 100% guarantee. This magic can be used for anyone’s separation. Make sure to use this only with good intention.


Material Required for Casting Spell :-


1. Pieces of paper


2. Chicken heart


3. Matches


4. Spoon


5. Scissors


6. Wooden box

Black Magic Breakup Spells

Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Take the two pieces of paper, create a male figure on one paper and create a female figure on another piece of paper.


2. Create the figure as well as write the name of two lovers on their respective figure.


3. Now cut the figures.


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4. Take the chicken heart and the cutting figures.


5. Go to the ground and dig a hole by using the spoon.


6. The hole should be enough to place the chicken heart.


7. Take the cutting figure you want to stay with you forever and hold this next to your heart.


8. Take the cutting figures of the person you want to get away and burn it by saying these words :


“ The One I Burn Go Away, Go Away (Person Name)
The One I Don’t Burn, I Hold Next To My Heart, Stay With Me (Person Name) Till Death Do Us Part Oh Mother Isis, Grant Me My Wish For My Soul Mate And Me ”


9. Look at the moon, put the soil on the chicken heart and cover it properly.


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10. The picture of your love, you need to keep in the envelope and keep secret in the wooden box that you can never share with anyone.


11. Once you find your love is completely with you or there is no way that she/he will leave you then you can burn this envelope anytime.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


1. Follow the right pronunciation of spell.


2. Must remember the real name of the persons you are targeting.


3. Remember, you must follow each step in the ground by looking at the moon.


4. Once the envelope is kept secret, it should not be shared with anyone unless you get success.


When the Spells Would Work :-


This spell will take time of 21 days to one month but surely give you everything in your favor. So, never feel disappointment, if you are not getting the right result, you can get the help of spell specialist.


Effective Time to Cast the Spell :-


This spell can be done on full moon night that appears once in every month. For better result follow the time when you are alone.


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