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October 25, 2018

Top 3 free love spells that you can do at your home

Attractions love spells

These spells are casted to make someone to fall in love with you. These spells will plant love in the heart of the person whom you want to attract these spells are very strong that will give you results very soon.

You will need following material for casting Attractions love spells:

1. Rose water.

2. Copper bowl.

3. Grounded cinnamon.

4. Any used article of the person.

5. Petals of rosemary flowers.

6. Sandalwood powder.

7. One Red candle.

8. Matchbox.

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How to caste Attractions love spells:

1. Pour some rose water in the Copper bowl.

2. Now mix some sandalwood powder in it.

3. Then put some grounded Cinnamon in the mixture.

4. Now put used article of that person in the mixture.

5. After that put rosemary flower petals in it.

6. Light the red candle and take it in your right hand.

7. Recite the given spells for 108 times.

|| Spells: ||

“May we share the same Desire.
Brought together by the gods,
Let us never be at odds.
Sealed together, you and I.
While one lives, the other shan’t die.
So Mote it be”

8. Let the wax drip in the Copper bowl while reciting the spells.

9. After that take the bowl under the tree.

10. pit under the tree..

11. Put everything from the Copper bowl in the Pit.

12. Now cover the pit.

13. The spells will start working for you./p>

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You will have to follow the given instructions while casting the spells:

1. If used article of the person is not available you can use one pitch of soil taken from his or her footstep.

2. Do not let the person know about casting spells.

3. Caste these spells under the moonlight.

4. Saturday is the best day for casting these spells.

Healing a relationship love spells

No need to shell tears and bear pains of break up because Healing love spells are the best option to heal all types of broken hearts in a very short time period. These spells will help you in getting your lost love or angry lover back to you.

Material needed for casting Healing love spells:

1. Parchment paper.

2. Two pink Candles.

3. Wooden pencil.

4. Matchbox.

5. Bottle of honey.

6. Red thread.

7. Pinch of grounded Damiana root.

8. Some sandalwood powder.

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How to caste Healing a relationship spells??

1. Write your name and the name of your partner on the parchment paper.

2. Put one pinch of Damiana root on the paper.

3. Now fold the paper seven times along with the Damiana.

4. Put the paper on the ground.

5. Light two pink Candles on both sides of the paper.

6. Now recite the given spells for 99 times.

|| Spells: ||

“clear our relationship of negativity
let us live in happiness for all eternity
keep our bonds strong, keep them tied
forever and always, tip the end of time”

6. Then put the paper in the bottle of honey.

7. After that put some Sandalwood powder in the bottle.

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8. Close the bottle with lid.

9. Tie red thread on the bottle.

10. Burry the bottle on the bank of river or a lake.

Follow the given instructions while doing this method:

1. Use only wooden pencil to write names on the Parchment paper.

2. Recite the spells correctly.

3. You can caste these spells on Tuesday under the Moonlight.

4. Girls cannot use these spells during their menses.

True love spells

There is one perfect person present in this world for each and every person some have found him or her but some are still waiting for the log magic to be happen. True love spells will attract your someone specials towards you and will unite you very soon.

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Material required for casting True love spells:

1. Red ribbon.

2. Two white candles.

3. Rose oil.

4. Two Rose flowers.

5. One piece of paper.

6. Red pen.

7. Cardboard box.

8. Five catnip leaves.

How to caste True love spells??

1. PWrite your name on the paper.

2. Roll the paper.

3. Tie it with two Roses with red ribbon.

4. Now put them in the cardboard box.

5. Anoint Rose oil on both the candles.

6. Light the candles on both sides of the box.

7. Now Recite the given spells for 101 times.

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|| Spells ||

“My true love’s face I’ve yet to see.
I know not what his (or her) name may be.
But soon his (her) heart well beat for me.
Come hither my love…….”

8. Drop five catnip leaves after kissing them each in the Cardboard box.

9. Now cover take few drops of Rose water in your right hand.

10. Drip them on the box.

11. Cover the box with lid.

12. Burry the box under the tree.

You have to follow the given instructions while casting these spells:

1. Do not use Catnip leaves picked from the ground.

2. These spells should be casted on Wednesday.

3. Write your complete name on the paper.

4. Never let anyone know about the spells.

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