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The curse spell is generally a black magic spell that is cast to put a hex on someone.The aim of casting this curse spell is to harm some one in oneway or other.The harm may be either of very little intensity or magnitude like annoying or pinching some one to causing some serious physical or mental harm or may be actually killing up the person.


The curse spell may be of various types depending upon the person on whom it is cast materials used in it .The various curse spells differ in their intensity and the magnitude.The characteristic of the curse spell is that the theme is constantly reoccurring if you cast a curse spell on a may cast the crd spell on someone whom you want to hex permanently and cripple him/her for life.


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You may cast the curse spell on you most bitter of enemy who is creating havoc in your life.It could be cast on the troublesome and bothersome neighbours that have become the pain in the neck for you.You may cast this curse spell non your ex -lover for punishing him/her for breaking your heart and leaving you or it could be cast on your ex love to make him love again desperately.This spell could be cast put a curse on you dominating boss who is creating problems for you in your professional life to teach him an unforgettable lesson.You can also cast the curse spell to settle score with you friend who has become a threat to you or you can use this spell to cover up the darker side of your life by casting the curse sell on your mistress or the other women that is there in your life and can harm your in persona and social life.


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The curse spells are the strong black magic spells and once it is cast it will remain effective for a reasonably long period of time and will not dissipate very easily.They cannot be recalled or redirected .Once a strong curse spell has been cast on someone that person is destined to be doomed forever .He/she will become a living corpse and will lead he hellish life which will be full of pain and miseries.

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The curse spell may be cast by using a number of methods you may cast a curse spell by using the photo of the person or you may cast it by using his clothes or by the use of simple ingredients like lemon salt ginger etc.Since these are powerful spells that will put hex on a person for ever so it is advised to use these spells only when you have got no other option left with you .One should take the help of an expert spell caster to cast this spell and should avoid casting it own his/her own as he/she may run the risk of casting the wrong spell in the wrong manner which may actually prove to be harmful for the person and others as well.


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Curse Spell

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