Break Up Spell for Fast Friends


The two best friends share a lot of things with other and never want anyone else to know all these. But whether it is male or female, once you get married, the friend must keep a distance from your married life. If the person is not doing so, definitely it will spoil your married life. Don’t worry, get rid of this problem by using break up spell for friendship.


Material Required for Casting the Spell :-


1. Two Lemons


2. One knife


3. Two pieces of paper


4. Vinegar


Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Take the two lemons and cut their stem ends off by using the knife.

Break Up Spell for Fast Friends

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2. Take one piece of paper and write the name of one friend for eight times.


3. Take another piece of paper and write the name of the other friend for eight times.


4. Fold the paper and poke in each lemon very carefully.


5. Get a place where the light of sunrises and sunsets can reach easily.


6. Bury the two lemons at that place.


7. Pour one-half cup of vinegar on these lemons for minimum 7 days.


8. You will notice day by day the two friends will get separated with each other.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


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1. You must know the real name of two friends never go with a pet name.


2. The papers after writing the name should be poured in the lemon properly.


3. Remember to find a place where the sun rises and sunsets can get easily


4. Never perform this task in front of anyone


5. Make sure to concentrate on breaking their friendship.


6. Never do this to harm anyone.


When the Spells Would Work :-


Once the lemons are buried, day by day you will find the bitterness is increasing in both of the friends. On completing the seventh day, their friendship will get an end forever.


Effective Time to Cast Breakup Spell :-


Perform this task in the evening during the sunset. There is no other specific time for this.


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