Love Breakup Spell


Creating a breakup in two love-birds can take place in anyone mind. It might be a family member who doesn’t want their blood relative to stay with a lover or maybe a good wisher who thinks your lover is not the right choice for you. Well, whoever they are, they need to follow love breakup spell.


Material Required for Casting the Spell :-


1. Two black candles


2. Jasmine oil


3. Telkom powder


4. Incense with interesting fragrance


5. Black salt

Love Breakup Spell

Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Imagine two candles as the two lovers. It is better to give the name of the lover to each candle.


2. Anoint the candles with oil.


3. Take a large piece of aluminium foil to keep these candles.


4. Maintain the distance of 4 inches in both candles.


5. Sprinkle the powder between the candles.


6. Take the black salt and create a circle around each candle.


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7. Light up the candles, sit calmly near to them and chant these words:


“ No More Love, No More Bliss, Let The Joy Of This Union Soon Go Amiss
May Both (Name Of One Partner) and (Name of Another Partner) Become Angry And Weary
May Their Future Together Appear Bleak And Dreary
May They Soon Part And Separate
I Ask The Heavens That This Be Their Fate ”


8. Now extinguish the candles.


9. Perform this task each night for 7 nights and every night make sure to increase the one-inch distance between the candles and sprinkle the powder or black salt every night.


10. Now extinguish the candles.


11. On eight-night, wrap everything in the aluminium foil and throw as far away as you can’t get it again.


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Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


1. As you need to follow this task for continuously seven days, so choose the room or a place where no one can disturb you until you complete the task.


2. Make sure to follow the right pronunciation of the spell.


3. Never lose your concentration or get bored with the spell as it is a lengthy process but surely give you success.


When the Spells Would Work :-


The spell will show its result every day, with passing time the seed of bitterness will occur in the couple and soon they get separated. On eight day, you will see them apart from each other.


Effective Time to Cast the Spell :-


Start this task on Saturday night during the waning moon in the sky. This is the right time to get the effective results.


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