Easier Breakup Spell


If you are one of them who feels difficult to collect the material, can choose this easier spell to make differences in anyone’s relationship. You only need to follow the right time with some household kitchen ingredients. So don’t worry, this is an inexpensive spell to be performed without any risk.

Easier Breakup Spell

Material Required for Casting the Spell :-


1. Paper and pen


2. Red and black pepper


3. A bottle


4. Vinegar


5. Dirt/dust


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Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Write the name of the couple on the paper.


2. Take a bottle and add some red and black pepper into a bottle.


3. Now add some dirt/dust.


4. Fill the bottle with vinegar and shake well .


5. While performing this, keep on repeating your wish of creating bitterness in their relationship.


6. Shake it well and put in front of the couple’s doorstep.


7. Once anyone of the couple kicks this bottle or throw it away, your spell will be done.


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Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


1. Make sure to keep on repeating your words to create bitterness in their relationship while casting this spell.


2. The couple is required to kick the bottle somehow.


3. Once the spell is done keep it unshared until you get the positive result.


When the Spells Would Work :-


Most of the time, it will take two weeks to get the matter in your favor. So wait for two weeks to spoil the relationship completely.


Effective Time to Cast the Spell :-


The best thing of this spell is that there is no specific time you need to follow. This spell can be cast anytime but the only thing you need to maintain is your focus on your wish when casting this spell.


Under What Circumstances Spells Will Work :-


The spells will work only if you follow it sequence wise without skipping any step. The other thing is to maintain your concentration and focus. If you are sure to follow each step of every spell, surely you will get everything in your favor. On the other side, if you are not able to do the spell by yourself, you can schedule an appointment with experienced spell caster. It depends on you.


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