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Symptoms of Black magic


Many people want to know that how can they learn that someone has practiced black magic on the person. Following symptoms are seen in any person it is just that he or she has become the target of Black magic.


1. That person will lose appetite.


2. He will start losing his weight constantly.

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3. His face will lose glow.


4. The face will turn dark.


5. Black circles will appear around his eyes.


6. His eyeballs will turn yellow.


7. The bad odor will come from his body.


8. He will lose interests in everything.


9. That person will not feel comfortable in gatherings.

Symptoms of Black magic

10. He will like to live alone.


11. He will face extreme headaches.


12. He will suffer Insomnia.


13. That person will fall in depression.


14. Will have negative thoughts.


15. He will encounter dirty dreams.


16. His mouth will give very bad breath.


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17. He will become irritated for minor reasons.


18. He will become impotent.


19. That person will turn aggressive.


20. Memory loss.


21. A sudden change in mood.


22. Dogs will bark on that person.


23. Crows will fly over his head.


24. He will suffer mysteries disease.


25. He will also encounter seizures.


26. He will not visit religious places and ceremonies.


27. He will feel enough weight on him.


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28. That person will start taking drugs or become an alcoholic.


29. His looks and appearance will change.


30. He will feel fear of water and fire.


31. He can become suicidal.


32. He will face bad luck from all the sides.


33. Will encounter losses in income.


34. He can face an accident.


35. That person will remain unhappy and sad.


36. He will hear strange whispering voices.


37. He will start laughing loudly.


38. Change in the rhythm of Voice.


39. Pimples will appear on his face.


40. He can harm himself.


41. Suddenly he can start speaking different languages.


42. He will feel choking around the neck.


43. That person will encounter sudden extreme body pain.


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