Obsession Spell


One of the most powerful spells, Obsession spell is more than boundless love and less than madness. Whoever cast this spell, it leaves its powerful effects on the targeted person.


Take a look what it results :-


1. It will make the targeted person think only about you 24X7. Your images will stay in his/her mind all the time regardless day or night.


2. If there is something like you want to cast this spell for having sex with a targeted person. After casting this spell, around the clock the person will get the same desire for you. Moreover, he/she can’t wait until getting you.


3. The person will become so possessive that he/she will not be able to catch another’s attention or attend another person properly.


4. The targeted person will become so obsessed with you that he/she can’t see you with anyone else even listen about you from anyone’s mouth. He/She can do anything to get your attention.


5. The person whom you obsess will neither want to see you with anyone nor him/herself go with anyone else except you.


6. The targeted person will become desperate if missed a day without seeing you. Even he/she will unable to take rest, eat properly, concentrate on official work, sleep properly or attend anyone’s. Overall, it will become a condition of a fish without water.


7. When you cast this spell to prevent your love life from the third person, it will make your partner to never pay attention to anyone else you. There will be no chance to be cheated.


8. For what purpose you are going to cast this spell. Is it love, to get anyone’s attention, lust, or to make that person be crazy only for you? Whatever you want this will make the person not to live without you.

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Obsession spell is generally cast to bring your desires into reality. Do you love someone and want him/her to love you as crazily as you do? If you cast obsession spell, your targeted person will attract to you and will do everything you want from the person to do for you. The desires have no limit, however, the ways of fulfilling your desires are limited. Being a most effective way, obsession spell can make your wish come true.


Take a look at the benefits you will get when you cast obsession spell :-


1. Attract your crush to make deep love with you.


2. Obsess your crush to marry you.


3. Make your relationship more romantic.


4. Obsess your lover with you to never leave you .


5. Obsession spell get back the lost love in the relationship .


6. Complete your desire of having sexual relations with anyone .


7. Make your ex to again love you crazily.


8. Increase the interest of your partner in you.


9. In case you are in a love triangle, the obsession spell will make your crush to be obsessed only with you.


10. It stops your partner to cheat on you.


11. There are some married couples who always complaints, that their partner is not showing interest in the relationship. This spell will do the needful for their complaints.

Obsession Spells

How Does The Obsession Spell Work ??


The obsession spell is cast using different material in different techniques for the different purpose, but the similarity in all is to obsess the targeted person with you that he/she can never think about anyone else. When you cast this spell, it releases its effects on the person instantly. In simple language, you can say it hypnotizes the person for the specific desire you wish for.


Is The Obsession Spell Good ??


Of course, there is no harm to cast this spell until your intentions are good. Even it is exceptionally a good way to fulfil your wish in a good way.


Top Obsession Spells :-


Get to know the top obsession spells and the way of casting spell for the targeted person. Make sure to read each step of the spell before casting it practically.

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1. To Make Your Current GF/BF Obsessed With You


Obsession spell to make your current GF/BF be obsessed with you works to maintain loyalty in your relationship. It influences your partner to never leave you, cheat on you or stay with you till you want. Apart from these, if you have any other desire like having sex or marry him/her, it works to complete your each with your partner.


Due to several reasons, you find the relationship is losing interest. In this situation, a third person appearance becomes common. But by casting obsession spell to make your current partner obsessed with you, he/she will never break your heart or leave you. Even your love will become stronger.


Material Required For Casting Spell :-


1. A box


2. Cotton balls


3. A piece of paper


4. A Pen


5. A candle


When you can Cast this Spell ??


A Friday midnight is a perfect time to cast this spell.


Method Of Casting Spell :-


1. Write your name and your GF/BF name on the paper.


2. Place it along with cotton balls inside the box.


3. The cotton balls should be enough to disappear the paper in the box.


4. Now close the box tightly and place in front of the candle.


5. Make a strong thinking for obsessing your partner till the candle burns.


6. Once the candle has burned out, pick the box and keep where none can find.


7. After 10 days you can remove the box forever.


Precaution For Casting Obsession Spell :-


1. Each step of the spell should be followed in the right way.


2. When casting a spell, you must concentrate, your little negligence can make you unsuccessful.


When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


The spell will give a complete result after 10 days of casting.


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2. To Make Your Ex-Obsessed With You Again


Have you broken up with your GF/BF? Often it happens that you break up and later realize the mistake was minor instead of breaking up. Unfortunately, you are not happy with new one and want the ex back, it happens with multiple people. Every person has own story but the common thing is that no one can forget the first love. If you are the one looking to get back your ex without showing your regret, you can take a help of obsession spell.


Obsession spell to make your ex-obsessed with you will convince the partner to :-


1. Never leave you again.


2. Love you crazily.


3. Don accept anyone else except you.


4. Make him/her to break all the current relationships and be with you all the time.


5. Make your all desires come true regardless.


Material Required For Casting Obsession Spell


1. Two candles


2. A picture of your ex


3. Sugar


When you can Cast this Spell ??


On wax moon night after 10 ‘o clock in a room.




Method Of Casting Spell :-


1. In an alone room, sit on the floor and place the photo in front of you.


2. Take the two candles and give them name, one is you and another is your ex.


3. Keep the candle representing you in front of the picture and keep the other candle representing your partner at a small distance.


4. Now light up both candles and imagine the love moments that you spent together.


5. Following is the chants you need to speak as well bring both candles near to each other.


“ ِCome To Me My Love
Reunite With Me
Relations That Never Die
Amen!!!!! ”


6. Thus repeat these words as well as remove the distance of candles.


7. In the last, bring their flames together and blow out instantly.


8. Spread the sugar on both candles and let the material stay on the floor overnight.


9. The Spell is done, next morning you can bury the remnants in the garden area.


Precaution for Casting The Spell :-


1. Your ex-lover should be alone in the picture.


2. The pronunciation of chant should be correct.


3. You must remember which candle is representing you and your ex.


4. Once you have started, you must complete the spell.


When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


It will take only one week to get best results. It may happen that your ex will come in front of you within a week.


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3. To Make Your Crush Obsessed With You


It is not an easy task to grab the attention of your crush but you can make it easier with obsession spell. A spell to make your crush obsessed with you will not only force the crush to pay attention to your feeling but can also fulfil your other desires related to your crush, such as:


1. Make you be in the thinking of your crush around the clock.


2. He/she will feel the same curiosity that you have to know about your crush.


3. Your crush will similarly dream for you, it will be only you.


4. Crush will also desire to spend time with you, be possessive with you, love you or marry you if you want.


5. Overall a crush will offer an unconditional love for you.


There was a time when you love silently and all of a sudden a third person wins your crush’s heart. Nowadays, if you are unable to explain your feeling, you can obsess your crush on you as well as create a situation where you will be proposed for a lifelong relationship. The person will also love you madly and could not live without you.


Material Required For Casting Spell :-


1. Rose Petals.


2. A Flower Pot.


When you can Cast this Spell ??


This spell will run for seven days. So you must start any a day and be aware to keep it continuously.


Method Of Casting Spell :-


1. In morning time, sit on the floor facing Sunrise direction.


2. Take the rose petals in your right hand and wrap left hand over this.


3. Leave your all worries and think only about your crush.


4. Now speak these words:-


“ ِI Think About You, Its Only You
I Want You To Think About Me, Only Me
I Want To Say Lots Of Things But Want You To Get It In My Eyes.
I Don’t Want To Lose You But Want You To Love Only Me
I Like You, Your Hair, Voice, Eyes, Everything
And Can Do For You Anything
Be Mine Forever And Never Go Away
Amen!!! ”


5. Then put the rose petals in the pot.


6. Do the same for seven days.


7. Keep this flower pot either in balcony or in a garden area. You can use this flower pot to grow other plants.


Precaution for Casting The Spell :-


1. This strength of the spell is the right pronunciation of the chant, you must maintain this.


2. When casting a spell, keep your feeling for crush until it completes.


3. Follow the same process for seven days continuously, if you miss any a day you will have to restart the whole process. So be aware.


4. Once you have started, you must complete the spell.


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When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


You will see the change from the very first day of beginning this spell and slowly on the seventh day your crush will be obsessed with you completely.

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4. Make Your Neighbor Obsessed With You in Your Love


A situation when you love someone unconditionally is an unmatchable feeling. The icing on the cake is that person is not far away from you but living next to your home. It’s your neighbor, whom you love truly and want to obsess with you in love madly. You can make your neighbor obsessed with you with the help of obsession spell. This is the powerful spell delivers long-lasting results to its user.


Material Required For Casting Spell :-


1. Pink candle.


2. Rose petals.


3. Lavender oil drops.


4. Glass jar.


5. Anything related to a person (a picture, a piece of cloth, a cosmetic thing,) etc.


When you can Cast this Spell ??


Cast this spell on waning moon night.


Method Of Casting This Spell :-


1. Sit in an alone place and put all the material in the front of you. Next steps are needed to follow carefully.


2. Light up the pink candle and say: Burn The Fire Of My Love In The Heart Of Neighbor Till Last Breath.


3. Take the jar and say: Represent This As Her/His Heart


4. Take anything related to targeted person and say: This Is Representing You My Love


5. Keep the rose petals inside the jar by saying: Bring Unconditional Love Between You And Me With This Loving Source.


6. Put the lavender oil in the jar and say: Your Relationship With Me Stay Hydrated Every Time.


7. Seal the jar with its lid tightly and keep in front of you.


8. Raise your hands and say :-


“ ِWind Of Unconditional Love Blow From My Heart Door
It Goes To Obsess My Love Playing A Role In My Neighbor
Love That Never Becomes Old
But The Feeling Grows Bolder ”


9. Now shake the jar, take it with you and leave this place.


10. Keep the jar in the dark for 21 days, on the 22nd day you can empty the jar in flowing water.


Precaution for Casting The Spell :-


1. Each step is containing chanting, you must follow it.


2. Make a clear understanding in the rhymes of each step.


3. There should be no one to interrupt with you when performing your task.




When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


The spell will deliver its results within 21 days.


5. Lust Obsession Spell


Lust for having a sexual intercourse with your desired person can be completed using lust obsession spell. Whether it is one of your friends, known, crush, neighbor, relative, friends’ GF/BF, or anyone with whom your lust develops, anyone you are having desire to be involve in a pleasing intercourse. The person will obsess with you in the same lust and find the ways to join you to complete the lust of romance, sex or intercourse as per your wish regardless you want to have this only once or many times without living in a long-lasting relationship.


Lust obsession spell is the best way often used to complete your sexual desires for anyone. It’s not only about having the lust for anyone even couples use this spell to empower their sexual life.


The lust spell benefits are :-


1. Increase the passion for sex between couples.


2. Grow the excitement.


3. Enhance the intimacy.


4. Develops and grows higher sexual desire.


Whether you are an old couple whose relationship has become limited to only intercourse or a person seeking to grab the above benefits, you need to cast this spell today. Overall you can say, it depends on your desire for what purpose you are going to opt for this spell for sexual lust or empower the sexual life.


Material Required For Casting A Spell :-


1. A red yarn.


2. A red candle.


3. Lavender oil.


4. Rose petals.


5. 2 Gingerbreads (representing you and your partner).


6. Anything related to your partner (a gift, a piece of cloth, an accessory, etc.)


7. Anything related to you.


When you can Cast this Spell ??


There is no specific time, but when you are going to cast this spell you must complete this. An incomplete spell will never satisfy you with its results.


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Method of Casting a Spell :-


1. Sit on the floor and meditate for some time to clear your mind from any stress.


2. Anoint the candle with the lavender oil and light up as well as keep on reciting :


“ ِO Goddess Of Love, Listen To My Desires ”


3. Take the gingerbread representing you and tie an element related to you on the gingerbread.


4. Take gingerbreads and tie the element related to the targeted person.


5. In a small area on the floor, spread the rose petals and keep the gingerbread on the rose petals.


6. Now speak these words :


“ ِO My God, O My Goddess Of Love
You Develop The Passion Of Sexual Pleasure In Me For My Love
Let Develop The Same Passion Of Sexual Pleasure In My Lover’s Heart For Me
(Person Name) Love Me, Please Me And It’s Only Me
(Person Name) Satisfy Me And Get Satisfied With Me
So Mote It Be! ”


7. Now gather the gingerbreads in the way that they are sharing a bed.


8. Tie the gingerbreads with the yarn and keep it safe for at least 3 days.


9. After three days, you need to burn all the remnants, and spread its ashes in the grass.


Precaution for Casting This Spell :-


1. If you are using this spell to cast on the same gender (lesbian or gay) then you must remember which gingerbread is representing you or the targeted person. You can write the name on the gingerbread for your clear understanding.


2. Don’t misspell the lust spell chanting.


3. Don’t ever try to follow this spell for threesome.


When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


As the spell is done, it has started its effects. In five days, you will be pleasured in the way you want to be.

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6. Boss Obsession Spell


Boss obsession spell will obsess your boss with you to think only about you, concern every matter with you and agree with you all the time. Obsession spell, casting for your boss works to :


1. Obsess your boss towards your body or work in an office.


2. Boss will stay with you all the time. You will remain in your boss’s thinking around the clock.


3. Boss will get your suggestion in each matter of office and personal life.


4. Whether you have not completed good work but an obsessed boss will always praise for your work and never let the other go opposite you.


5. Boss will make distance with other employees and keep you with him/her every time.


6. Boss will care for you, like you, love you and spend time with you regardless.


7. Even if you desire, your boss will be obsessed with you to please you physically and financially.


Boss obsession spell is the one that handles all kind of official problems by obsessing the main power of a company that is your boss. Getting a promotion is not the only matter to cast boss obsession spell there are many other benefits that an employee will get with this spell.




Overall, you can get :-


1. Promotion in your office.


2. Early salary increment.


3. Attract your boss towards you.


4. Stability in your office career.


5. Marry your boss.


6. Control over your boss feelings.


This all can happen easily by using boss obsession spell. It may seem you difficult but it is not. There are some ingredients you need to collect and use them in an appropriate way.


Material Required For Casting A Spell :-


1. A piece of paper with the signature of your boss.


2. Anything related to you.


3. Dark red color candle.


4. A polythene.


5. A yarn.


6. A perfume with strong & sexy fragrance.


When you can Cast this Spell ??


Cast this spell on Tuesday Night that comes after full moon Night.


Method Of Casting This Spell :-


1. Imagine your boss nearby you.


2. Take the paper with the signature of your boss.


3. Take anything related to you like a piece of cloth, a paper written your name, your picture, etc.


4. Tie both using yarn and put the candle wax on it so that can never be reopened.


5. Now keep this material in the polythene and place in front of you.


6. Meditate for some time and chant these words :


“ ِWhen I Spray The Perfume, You Will Lose Yourself In My Love
I Tie You With Me, Obsess With Me, And You Should Never Live Me
Never Go Away, Do Whatever I Say
I Wish, My Wish Come True
So Mote It Be!!! ”


7. Spray the perfume in the polythene and instantly knot it tightly.


8. Now bury this polythene in the garden area, remember it should not be caught for at least 21 days.


9. After 21 days, you need not care about the polythene you can grow other plants in the pot. But make sure never to share this with anyone.


Precautions For Casting A Spell :-


1. Collect all the material carefully.


2. Once the polythene is re-opened between the 21 days of casting this spell, you will lose everything.


When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


It will start to obsess your boss with you instantly while the 21 days are enough to leave spell’s effects on the targeted person permanently.


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7. Gay/Lesbian Obsession Spell


Gay/Lesbian Obsession Spell is specially customized for same-sex love couples. When you are in love with the same gender person and want that person to obsess with you, this spell will work for you effectively. No matter, you are a Gay or Lesbian, if you have some desires for the same gender you can opt for this spell. Regardless your desire whether it is to obsess your crush for love, sex, lust or be possessive only for you, this spell will definitely deliver its positive effects. Remember, this is spell works only for the same sex people.


Love has no religion, caste, age or gender. It is a kind of what happens to anyone only when they find the partner who touches their heart and grows the feelings of love. Same-sex love has made its strong presence. Like the other people, Gay and lesbian have the right to get their loved one obsessed with them. In case, you are also in the love with the same sex person and want that person to love you and desire for you then obsession spell will be the most powerful weapon for you. It obsesses the targeted person in romantic and sexual ways. The partner will get obsessed with you in an unbreakable bond.It depends on you whether you want the same gender person to be obsessed with you for some specific desires or for life long relationship.


Material Required For Casting Spell :-


1 Rose petals.


2. A small statue one is representing you and another to your partner.


3. Soil.


4. Water.


5. A zip bag.


When you can Cast this Spell ??


On Saturday Night after 8 o’clock.


Method Of Casting This Spell :-


1. You should cast this spell in your bedroom.


2. Place statues in front of you.


3. You can write the name on the statues which one representing the respective partner.


4. Keep all the material (rose petals, soil, and water) nearby the statues and say these words :


“ ِO Sacred Water, Pure Spoil And Rose Petals Referring Love
Bring (Partner’s Name) Ever Near To Me
Like An Endless River, (Partner’s Name) Obsess With Me Forever
This Is My Wish, Make This Come True ”


5. Meditate for some time to make your wish come true.


6. Put all the material (statues, rose petals, soil, and water) in the zip bag.


7. Next day throw this zip bag in the flowing water.


Precaution for Casting The Spell :-


1. Don’t repeat any a word of the spell chant.


2. You must be calm at the time of casting this spell.


3. Don’t dare to cast this spell for a threesome.


When This Spell will Give Outcomes ??


It takes total 11 days and guarantees, you will get the targeted person obsessed with you.


You must be happy that there are a number of spells that can change your destiny. What you want, will be next to your doorstep, don’t give up and take the help of obsessed spell to make someone obsessed with you lifelong emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally.



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