Break Up Spell to Resolve a Love Triangle


A very common situation is of two best friends loving the same girl. What to do as you have to lose one to get another one. But a breakup spell to resolve a love triangle can help get your best friend as well as your love without any sacrifice. This spell is also known as “The Gingerbread Man”. Once the spell is done, you need not worry about any cheat from anyone of them.


Material Required to Cast Break-up Spell :-


1. Four gingerbread people: two of men or two of women


2. Honey


3. Some pins


4. Mustard seeds


5. Horseradish


6. Ashes

Break Up Spell to Resolve a Love Triangle

Method of Casting Spell :-


1. Take a male and a female gingerbread to split up together.


2. One gingerbread as a third person (male/female depends on you for whom you are casting this) to be kept on the other side.


3. Place one gingerbread near to the third person that you want to get a new mate and leave your partner. (Choose the gingerbread of opposite gender. If the third person is a female then choose a male new mate or follow accordingly in another situation.)


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4. Take the mustard seeds, pins, horseradishes and ashes, and place near to the pair splitting up.


5. More these objects you will keep near to them more they will get close to their respective lover.


6. Honey is used to be kept near to the couple to sweeten their relationship.


7. Which gingerbread couple you keep near, in reality, they will come near to each other.


8. Once you find the result in reality, you can keep all the spell material carefully in a zip bag.


9. Release this bag in flowing water.


Precaution While Casting the Spell :-


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1. Make difference in the male or female gingerbread very carefully according to the third person gender.


2. Once the spell is done, never keep the material in your home or near to the residential area.


3. Follow each step carefully.


When the Spells Would Work :-


To see the result faster, keep the material near to the mate. As more the material you keep to them, more they will become closer. The perfect result you will see in next seven days.


Effective Time to Cast Breakup Spell :-


Follow this spell when the moon appears full in the sky. Definitely, you will get success if you never skip any a step.


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