Curse spell for Mistress


1.   Do you have a troublesome other woman I your life ??


2.   Do you want to get rid of her ??


3.   Is she creating problems for you ??


4.   Do you want to cast her aside ??


5.   Is your personal life getting ruined because of the mistress ??


6.   Do you want to take revenge on the mistress ??


7.   Do you want to teach her a lesson ??


8.   It’s about time to put a hex or curse on the mistress.


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Materials needed to cast a Curse spell for a Ex:-


1.   A brinjal


2.   Alcohol


3.   Two incense


4.   Matchbox or lighter


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   Take a brinjal.


2.   Take two incense.


3.  Insert the incense in the brinjal.


4.   Pour some alcohol over the brinjal.


5.   Burn the incense with the match or lighter.


6.   Burn the brinjal from the tip.


7.   Now chant the following spell.


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|| Spells ||


“ Burn like this brinjal
Mistress you go to hell”


8.   Let it get reduced to ashes.


9.  The mistress will be cursed.


Time frame :-


1.   Once you cast the spell on the mistress the curse will immediately fall upon her.


2.   The results will be evident within a day or two.


3.  The spell will remain effective for a really long period of time.


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Precautions :-


1.   Cast the spell on Friday.


2.   Cast the spell at the sunset.


3.   Have full faith in the success of the spell.


4.   Use cheap alcohol.


4.   Use a large brinjal.


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Curse Spell

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