Curse Spell For Neighbors


1.   Are you sick of your bad neighbors ??


2.   Are they driving you mad ??


3.   Are they getting on to your nerves ??


4.   Do you find them too much to handle ??


5.   Are they trying to ruin you ??


6.   Do they intend to harm you ??


7.   Do you want to hex or curse them ??


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Materials needed to cast a Curse spell for a neighbor:-


1.   Graveyard soil


2.   Soil from your neighbor’s home


3.   Vinegar


4.   Black salt


5.   Black cloth


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   Take the grave yard soil.


2.   Take the soil from your neighbor’s home.


3.   Mix both of them.


4.   Pour some vinegar into it.


5.   Put the black salt into it.


6.   Put everything together in a black cloth.


7.   Say the following chant


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|| Spells ||


“For all that I have been through
For all that I suffered because of you
May the curse be on to you”


8.   Repeat it 51 times


9.   Bury it in your neighbor’s backyard.


10.  Your nasty and troublesome neighbors are cursed.


Time frame :-


1.   The curse spell will start working at once after it has been cast.


2.   It will give results in 21 minutes.


3.  It will remain effective for a considerable period of time.


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Precautions :-


1.   The spell should be cast on the Saturday.


2.   It should be cast at night.


3.   Al the work should carried out secretly.


4.   One should have full faith in the success of the spell.


5.   Do not recast the spell twice on the same person.


6.   Cast this spell only if you are left with no other option.


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Curse Spell

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