Curse spell for Enemy


1.   Do you want to punish your enemy ??


2.   Do you want to take revenge on your enemy ??


3.   Do you wish to teach him a lesson ??


4.   Do you want to caste a powerful revenge spell on your enemy ??


5.   Do you wish to put a curse or hex on him ??


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Materials needed to cast a Curse spell for enemy:-


1.   A puppet


2.   A bottle of wine


3.   Ashes of cremation ground


4.   Pinch of soil of the footsteps of your enemy’s footsteps


5.   A candle


6.   Pins


7.   Black cloth


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   Pour all the wine on the puppet.


2.   Wrap it into the black cloth.


3.  Now rub the soil pinch of your enemy’s footsteps on the forehead of the puppets forehead.


4.   Prick pins into the puppet.


5.   Light the candle and hold it in your hands.


6.   Now chant the following spell.


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|| Spells ||


“ For the enemy whom I hate
For whom the hell awaits
May I succeed in my endeavour
May you be cursed forever and ever
So mote it be”


7.   Repeat it 51 times.


8.  Let the drops of wax drip on the puppet while casting the spell.


9.  Wrap all the materials in the black cloth after casting the spell.


10.   Bury them at some lonely place.


11.   This spell will totally disastrous for your enemy..


12.   He will forget to create any problem for you rather he will be on to saving himself now.


Time frame :-


1.   The spell will start working at once.


2.   You will witness the results in 51 minutes.


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Precautions :-


1.   Use cheap wine to cast this spell.


2.   Cast this spell on Saturday.


3.   Cast it at the time of sunset.


4.   Keep the whole thing secret.


4.   Do not repeat the same method on same person.


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Curse Spell

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