Curse spell for Boss


1.   Is your boss creating problem for you ??


2.   Is he abusing his position ??


3.   Is he blocking your way ??


4.   Is he hindering your growth ??


5.   Do you want to teach him a lesson ??


6.   Do you want to take revenge on him ??


7.   Do you want to curse or hex him ??


8.   Casting a curse spell for boss could be the solution to your problems.


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Materials needed to cast a Curse spell for Boss:-


1.   Hair of your boss


2.   Black candle


3.   A lighter or a match box


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   • Take a hair of the boss.


2.   • Sit down on the floor.


3.  • Light up the black candles using lighter.


4.   • Burn the hair with the black candle.


5.   • Let the ashes of burning hair fall on the floor.


6.   Now chant the following spell.


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|| Spells ||


“ To stop the loss
Curse the bad boss”


7.  Repeat it 21 times.


8.  You boss is cursed.


Time frame :-


1.    The curse spell for boss will come into effect immediately once you cast it properly.


2.  It might just take a day or two for the spell to completely overwhelm the boss.


3.  It will remain effective for a really long period of time.


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Precautions :-


1.   Cast the spell at the time of sunset.


2.   Follow the procedure correctly.


3.   Use this as last resort only.


4.   Keep it totally secret.


4.   Have full faith in the success of spell.


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Curse Spell

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