Curse spell for Ex


1.   Have you been dumped by your ex ??


2.   Has your ex toyed with your emotions ??


3.   Has your ex been the cause of the heartbreak ??


4.   Has your ex moved on after dumping you ??


5.   Has your ex got settled with a new partner ??


6.   Do you wish to take revenge on your ex ??


7.   Do you want to put a hex or curse on your ex ??


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Materials needed to cast a Curse spell for a Ex:-


1.   Coal


2.   Clothes of your ex


3.   Lemon


4.   Green chilly


5.   Vinegar


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   Take some coal.


2.   Take clothes of yore ex.


3.   Rub the coal on the clothes of tour ex.


4.   Put a lemon and green chilly in the clothes.


5.   Now wrap it up.


6.   Pour some vinegar over all the materials.


7.   Now chant the following spell.


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|| Spells ||


“ May all my remorse
Melt like wax
Cause the deadly hex
On my despicable ex”


8.   Repeat it 71 times.


9.   Wrap up the whole material in a black cloth.


10.  Throw it away in moving water.


Time frame :-


1.   The spell will start working the moment it is cast.


2.   The results will be evident in 31 minutes.


3.  The spell will remain effective for a long period of time.


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Precautions :-


1.   The spell should be cast on Saturday.


2.   It should not be disclosed to any one.


3.   Follow the complete procedure.


4.   Do not skip any steps.


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Curse Spell

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