Shamanic Healing


What is Shamanic Healing ??


Shamanic healing is one of the most ancient form of spiritual healing. In shamanic healing, the healing of a person is done at the spirit or the soul level. It is not the shaman or the healer that is healing the person but it is actually the soul that is healing and getting healed.T he practitioner is just a medium through which the soul is able to flow or travel freely and heal the person not only at just physical, mental and emotional level but at the spiritual level.


The meaning of the word shaman is actually the spiritual healer, the one who knows everything and has an access to the higher spirits or gods. The patient or the subject is actually repairing or regaining the part of the soul that got damaged or lost owing to some trauma or bad experience. All this is done to reinsure the vitality of the soul that has been defragmented punctured and intruded by the hostile and negative energies.

Shamanic Healing

Origin and History :-


The shamanism actually considered to have originated in Siberia. It is considered to be the most ancient spiritual practice on the planet. The shamanic healing is one of the most ancient types of healing that has ever existed on the planet. Something that has actually withstood the test of time. It had been there in practice since the last 10,000 years and still continues to cure people effectively. It is very popular all across the globe though but mores o in the South American countries Argentina Brazil and Mexico etc. The earliest of the evidence of shamanic healing practices have been found in the cave engravings which suggest that the shamanic practices might have been in vogues may be as old s 20000 or perhaps 30000 years back.


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What are the Merits and Demerits of Shamanic Healing ??


The shamanic healing is an ancient and unique form of healing that has been in use since the times immemorial. Just like all other healing therapies this too has pros and cons though the advantages heavily outnumber the disadvantages.


Merits of Shamanic Healing:-


The shamanic healing practices that have been in use since ancient times and are highly useful and effective in the modern stressful life. They have lots of advantages as compared to the regular or conventional medicinal therapies that are presently prevalent. The most noticeable advantages of the shamanic healing practices have been mentioned below.


Heals Permanently at Spiritual Level:


The shamanic work is done totally at the spirit level and once it is done the symptoms will disappear forever and the problem will be taken care of permanently. The shamanic belief is that all the problems that show the symptoms at the physical and mental level have their roots at the spirit level. So by healing the person from soul cures all his problems for once and for all.


Connects Us to Friendly Spirits:


Since the entire work in the shamanic healing is done at the spiritual level so the persons get connected to the friendly and benevolent spirits with the help of the healer who can give them all the words of wisdom so that they can take the good care of themselves and the other people.


Helps in Self Empowerment:


The shamanic healing will facilitate in the self empowerment as it will make us spiritually stronger by working on us the spiritual levels resulting in the empowerment at metal emotional and physical level. Once a person’s goes on the shamanic journey with the help of the shamanic healer he transcends through the various realms and as a result of it he tends to register growth at all the levels of his existence.

Shamanic Healings

Makes Person More Responsible:


The shamanic healing enriches the person by healing him at the spiritual level resulting in the overall development of a person making to become a better individual who is more understanding and guiding him to take up more responsibilities in life and helping out himself and others by curing and removing all the problems.


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Enhances Vitality of Spirit:


Since it is a spiritual healing that causes the lost fragments of the soul to reunite with the soul and flushes out all the negativities so it enriches the soul of the person as the soul gains a lot of vitality owing to the entire process of shamanic healing.


Cleans Up All Negative Emotions:


The shamanic healing flushes out all the negative energy and emotions that are present in the person at the body or the spirit level. As a result of this soul cleansing process the soul of a person become fresh and vitalized and the person is able to lead a happy and healthy life.


Reunites Lost Soul Fragments:


As a result of the shamanic healing the lost segments of the soul that went missing and left the soul owing to some bad experience in life get reunited with the soul. Owing to this reuniting of the lost soul segments with the soul of a person that may be done through the various shamanic healing techniques and processes the soul of the person is re-strengthened.


Helps To Create New Behavior And Attitude Patterns:


By shamanic healing the person at the spiritual level clears al the negativities that are present in the person as a result the person develops a clear thinking pattern and the positive behavior and attitude. because of the enlightenment that the person receives by the way of shamanic healing as he undertakes the shamanic journey he becomes aware of all the wrong habits and behavioral patterns that he had been inculcating in him and he is able to shun them completely.


Enhances Our Spiritual Awareness:


Since the person travels into the spiritual realms and dimensions he gets connected to the various spirits and gains the knowledge about what is the life from the spiritual point of view. He gets enriched spiritually and is able to lead the life in the better way.


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Helps In Increasing Self Esteem And Self Confidence:


The shamanic healing boosts up the self confidence of the person to a great extent as the result of the spiritual enlightenment that the person get due to this healing. As he is cleared of all the negativities he feels the newly found energy and zest in him. He is able to face the life challenges more boldly and positively.


Connects Us With Our Past Lives:


A person get connected to his past life experience when he undergoes the shamanic journey and gets connect with the spiritual realm in shamanic healing ,he can clearly see the past life mistakes and take lessons from them. All the negativities and energy losses that has been incurred in past can be taken care of and cured permanently.


Enhances Our Personal Awareness:


The shamanic healing process enhances the personal awareness of the person as all the negativities get cleared and the person comes to know about all his strengths and weakness and he could learn from them work on them and use them to his and other people’s benefit.


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Connects Us W.ith Our Ancestors:


The shamanic healing helps us to establish connections with our ancestor by taking us to the spiritual realms. We can know all about the ancestral calling when we undertake the shamanic journey. All the negative energy patterns and the energy losses that have been inherited by us can be resurrected by the way of shamanic healing.


Rids Us Of Repetitive Relationship Patterns:


Undergoing the shamanic will make us develop new relations and relationship patterns and shunning the relations that might just be harmful and establish new relation that are mutually beneficial. Since our past relationship patterns continue to reoccur and regroup thereby disrupting our lives, it becomes necessary to take care of them. This can be done through the shamanic healing practices.


Removes Energy Blockages:


The shamanic healing is the best way to remove the energy blockages from the system of the person. Since the person goes on the spiritual journey he gets cured of all the spiritual blockages and all his spiritual damage is healed. The helping spirits will rectify all the defects that are present on the spiritual level.


Demerits of Shamanic Healing:-


Despite the lots of advantages that have been discussed above some people do point out at some of the disadvantages that the shamanic healing may have. These have been briefly discussed as under.


Danger Of Getting Victimized by Negative Energies:


The spiritual dimension is infinite and is home to both positive and negative energies. Psychics and spiritual healers are able to access the spiritual dimension through some innate ability. However in order to truly understand the source of the spiritual energy being accessed by the healer or clairvoyant, a very high level of sixth sense is required. If these negative energies remain around our body it can cause severe diseases such as cancer.


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Doesn’t Suit Everyone:


People are not very comfortable with shamanic heading because of the spiritual dimension and shamans. Many people are really skeptical about the shamanic practices. However, untrained person could cause a lot of harm to people. Also the methods and ceremonies can cause boils on the body.


Ignorance Can Cause Misuse of Techniques:


This is extremely common. Many people and practitioners just do not understand what they are doing , or they don’t realize how powerful their method can actually be. They may not really know how to use the method properly. As a result, they can introduce stray frequencies into a patient or client, and do other types of damage.

Shamanic Healings

Using Them to intentionally Harm Another Person:


Some people are of wicked and evil disposition and they literally pray that another person will be harmed or even killed. The common examples of this are black magic, voodoo, casting spells on people, and many others. Unfortunately, these methods of black magic, basically, work in some cases. The shamanic healers use the principles that can affect the energy field of another person. In the wrong hands the energy healing techniques can therefore be very dangerous.

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How Shamanic Healing Have Been Benefiting People :-


The above mentioned shamanic methods and techniques can be very effectively used to get rid of vast range of problems in our day to day lives. As the entire shamanic work operates at the spirit level so the remedy provided by them is permanent and the person is able to lead a happy and cherished life after getting healed by the way of shamanic healing.


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To Remove Chronic Pain:


Whenever our physical body goes through a surgery or has an accident not only the physical damage is done but also the damage on soul level is done. Just as the physical symptoms the tissues swell up and scars develop similarly the soul to could develop scars or some unwanted energy may get deposited at that place in form of the crystallized energy and may upset the chakras function at that place causing the imbalance and malfunction of body part resulting in swelling and pain.


The person needs to be healed both at the physical and the spiritual levels. The shamanic healing heals the person at the spirit level that results in the speedy recovery of the person reducing all the physical and muscular pain and rejoining the broken muscles. Taking the shamanic healing session before the surgery can reduce the anxiety levels of the person apart from preparing him both physically and mentally for that.


To Recover From Cesarean And Other Traumatic Birth Experiences:


Becoming mother and giving birth to the child is the most memorable experience for a woman. But at times this could get transformed into the traumatic experience if some complications arise at the time of giving birth to the child or if the child is born unnaturally or out of a cesarean surgery. The negative and traumatic experiences like these can leave their imprints on the soul of the women and if they are not healed up properly then they might cause problems at physical mental and spiritual level.


They could also create troubles in planning any further pregnancies. By the way of the shamanic healing, the women can be healed at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The shamanic healing should be done immediately after the surgery to prevent the accumulation of unwanted energy over the entire section and chakras that are located near the incision. There are two chakras affected by this that are the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine and the sacral chakra located in the lower abdomen.


Space Clearing:


We spend most of the time at our home and workplace. These places are the reflections of our own aura and energy field. At times our spirits fall and rise as per the energy of the place sometimes place may just appear soothing and inspiring while at other times it could be dull dry and drab something that would soak all your energy. It is really important for us to have the positive a clear flow of the energy at home and workplace.


A place where there is a positive flow of the energy will energize and vitalize you positively and create a harmonious atmosphere whereas as the negative workplace will do the exact opposite of it. So it is really essential to clear your place of all the negative energies to ensure the positive and harmonious inflow of energy that could d facilitate your success and well be being. The space cleaning is really essential when you are moving into a new home or office or after some tragic incident has happened there, after a major renovation and remodeling of the place or before and after selling or purchasing.


To Move On In Life:


When the person hangs on to some events or memories in his/her life and they tend to linger on to him making a loop of harmful energy field around him /her .The chakras of the person become highly imbalance as the high amount of the undesired energy gets clustered around them and they begin to malfunction resulting in upsetting the life rhythm of a person and making him detached from the world completely. Through the shamanic techniques, we can clear the energy clusters that have got deposited and bring back the vitality of the spirit and make the person return to the normal life and moving on.


To Shrug Off Unwanted Energies:


Sometimes it so happens that the undesired and unwanted energies get attached to the person’s soul resulting in bodily symptoms like fatigue pain or even some sort of diseases. As the energy field of some people is weak owing to the various reasons some negativities could easily intrude into the person’s aura field. Through shamanic practices, we can shrug off these undesired and harmful energies and get back the health and hygiene of both body and spirit.


To Eradicate Diseases:


We all know that the most chronic diseases become incurable at times because we are unable to get to the root cause of the diseases in the shamanic healing we treat the diseases at the spirit level so all the negative energy that is causing the problem to the health and well being of the person is extracted and eradicated from the system of the person so that he becomes hale and healthy forever.


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Soul Completion:


At times a person is really feeling incomplete with himself he always yearns for something and is always plagued by the feeling that something in his life is missing. This just happens because owing to some parts traumatic experiences the part of his soul has been lost or damaged and this has resulted in unbalancing of chakras and hence the creation of this feeling of uneasiness. The shamanic healing session could cure and restore this lack and deficiency in him and reenergizes the soul so that the person again starts feeling complete and gets back all the vitality.


Linking With Past:


The shamanic healing process will take us to the shamanic journey. Our soul will venture into the seemingly unrealistic realms and dimensions and will undertake all the tasks that seemingly appear to be humanly impossible. The friendly spirits will help us to connect with our past lives and with our ancestors. We might get information about what mistakes we have done in past lives what are the tasks that have remained pending till date and what karmic debts we are carrying. By knowing all this we can do the needful that is required to get rid of the negativities that have got attached to us so that the ghost of pasts doesn’t haunt us anymore and we are freed from it and are able to live a happy life.

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Time Taken in Shamanic Healing – :-


In shamanic healing all the work is soul based so as such it is really difficult to tell in advance how much time will the work take as each and every case involves a different person or group of persons and different shamanic healing practitioner. Since there are so many problems that may occur on the soul level and there are different ways to get rid of them by the way of shamanic healing the reaction and response of different people are different both to the problems and the methods used by the practitioner, not to mention the different healers have different perspectives with respect to the healing and healing process which casts its effect on the entire healing process that is there to be carried out. While some practitioners might just use the mild and moderated ways the others may like to use the tough and rigid ones which will have an impact on the intensity and Time duration of the entire process itself. All time estimates and based on previous works and experiences as this may depend on the practitioner and the type of method used by him.


Normally an in-depth healing session will be over within the span of two or three hours and the drum healing session may take roughly an hour. While extraction of the crystallized energy and removing unwanted blockages may be done in one two or three sessions the curse removal may actually take a few sessions more. The time frame for shamanic practice could also depend on not only the healer but also on the person receiving the healing as how quick is that person resounds and responds to the healing. How sharply is he able to grasp everything and apply it to himself. Also as the group healing sessions are altogether different from the personal healing session so they could need more time as much more energy healing and transfer is needed in them and it may involve using of an entirely different type of techniques methods and ceremonies. The great thing about the shamanic healing process is that once the person receives the shamanic healing not only he gets healed and energized but his soul continues to grow and strengthen forever.


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