Shamanic Healing


Types of Shamanic Healing


The shamanic healing is basically of two types it is either done by the way of a shamanic healing session or by the way of shamanic plant healing medicine ceremony. The main difference between these two types of shamanic healing is that in the former type the person goes on to the shamanic journey with the shaman I.e. the shamanic healer. The shaman acts as the medium for the soul of the person to go on a spiritual journey while in the latter type of shamanic healing the shaman is not the medium for the soul to go to journey it is done through the plants who act as the medium of the journey of the soul.

Types of Shamanic Healing

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Shamanic Healing Session


The shamanic healing session is performed by the practitioner or healer on the person. The shamans act as a medium between the person and the spirits through which the spirit is able to flow freely. The shaman is able to establish the connection with the spirits which can tell him about what is going on at the spiritual level and what is actually wrong with the person. The shaman actually goes on the shamanic journey with the person. This shamanic journey forms the basis of the shamanic healing.The shaman will arrange for the session with the person in an open atmosphere.


The place will be a comfortable one where the person can lie down easily and take the healing. Things like an altar, candles, stones, soft music will be there. The shaman will then hold the counseling session with the person. He will tell the person to be open and transparent and share everything with the shaman. The complete history and in detail the problem of the person would be discussed so that the actual truth might be extracted and the real problem that is there at the spiritual level might be fixed. The shaman will then perform the energy work that will involve fixing of energy deficiency or removing of energy blockages. This might be done on hands or off hands.


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Afterwards the shaman will begin his shamanic journey. He will venture into the world of spirits and connect with the friendly spirits so that he may gain knowledge and healing for the person. Afterward, he will return from the journey and again discuss with the person as to what he learned and experienced during the shamanic journey and how he will implement this in his life.The shamanic healing session will cause the shifting of energy.


The person who is undergoing the healing might feel lots of changes which is a pretty normal thing to happen and the person should not get scared. All the toxic and unwanted energies that were there had been washed off and the person will be feeling the new vitality and vibrancy. All this is happening because the physical body of the person has not yet adjusted and synced properly with the spiritual energy changes that have taken place in him. It could take a bit of time. The shaman will guide and advise the person as to how to deal with all these changes with patience and without any fear.


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Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing Ceremony


Another way to establish connection with the spirits without the person needing to go on the above mentioned shamanic journey .It is through the sacred plants and by using the plant medicines. In this type of shamanic healing, the plant acts as the medium or vehicle and it undertakes the journey and establishes a connection with the souls and heals up the person the spiritual level. In this type of shamanic healing, the shaman arranges for the place where the healing is to be done. The people collect at the place where the healing is to be performed. Then the shaman intakes the brew or tea that s prepared from the chosen plants.


After performing all the ceremonies he distributes it to all the people who intake it so that the connection could be established with the friendly spirits. The shaman or the practitioner performs the ceremony by playing music or singing the songs to intensify the effects. This lasts for a few hours afterward there is return for all the people where the shaman clears all the area and every person shares his/ her experience about what he or she felt during the whole process. This sharing and communication will continue for some days where the shaman will guide and tell everyone as to how to react to and deal with all the changes that are happening to them as a result of the ongoing healing process.


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