Shamanic Journey


A person undergoes a shamanic journey while he is undergoing the shamanic healing with the help of the shamanic practitioner. During the shamanic journey the person goes into the state of trance as he transcends into the spiritual realms and dimensions which otherwise are inaccessible to the humans and are never seen or heard of before. It is a sort of soul flight .A blend of meditation and visualization amidst the loose guidance of the shamanic instructor.

Shamanic Journey

It so happens that amidst the rhythmic beats of drums or the sacred rituals performed the soul of a person get into and elevated or excited state where it gears up for a out of body experience hence travelling into the spiritual realms.The shamanic journey starts with the cleaning up of the space and making it a sacred place where we can undertake the shamanic journey. The entire environment around us should be totally clean to carry out the task of shamanic healing. Once you have set up sacred place and conducive environment for the shamanic healing, the next thing that you will need to do is to ensure the privacy at that place as even the slightest of the destruction could obstruct the journey.


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After all this one needs to undertake the shamanic journey with clear will and good intent. During the shamanic journey one will either go upwards or downwards. The upward journey will take us to the upper world and the downward journey will take us to the lower world. Immaterial of whichever way the shamanic journey takes us we should continue to go that way only and we should never try to go the sideways.


While on your way to going up or going down you may just experience amazing things like a staircase that might be coming down from sky or you might just feels that you have developed wings and can fly or their might be a ladder that might be there to take you into the clouds. This will depend on the person and his journey .He should just continue to go upwards. You will come across a portal that will need a bit extra push on your part which will take you to the upper or the lower world.


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Whether we are going to the upper world or the lower world we must respond to the call back at once and return. First we need to return to the portal through which we went to the upper or the lower world and after that we should come back to the normal state of being.


In many shamanic traditions the sun is considered as the first healer or the first shaman. The natural rhythm and movement of the life is indicated by the spiral .The symbol itself depicts the constant flow of energy around us in the whole of the cosmos which helps us to come back just like the natural rhythm of the spiral and reinstate our harmonious state of health and well being.


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After the journey we should be quite for some time and after that we should note and recall all the experiences that we had during the journey and try to relate them to the normal life experiences.wit the passage of time you will clearly start to understand the meaning of the experiences during the journey which were earlier unclear. Everything that you experienced during the journey will start making sense to you.


During the shamanic journey the person the person travels into the spiritual dimension to seek answer to his problems by communicating with his inner self or spirit and also with all the helping and protective spirits that are there to guide him and take care of him. As the spirits are in total harmony with all the aspects of the environment and are in with the total sync with all higher world and universe they are able to provide all the solution to the problems. All the spiritual deficiencies and deformities that are present in the person at the soul level are completely taken care of.


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The shamanic journey is undertaken with the help of the shaman or the shamanic practitioner who acts as a medium for the soul to enter the state of trace and transcend to the spiritual realms and dimensions. The shamanic practitioner acts as a hollow bone through which the soul could have an easy and free flow. There are other ways to through which the state of trans can be induced and person can venture into the higher spiritual realms and undertake the shamanic journey like by the way of shamanic plant medicine ceremonies and methods.


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