Shamanic Healing Techniques


The art and science of shamanic healing


The shamanic healing is done by using various kinds of techniques. The shamanic healing actually combination or collection of various types of spiritual healing techniques or practices. The main types of techniques and practices that are used in a shamanic healing are mentioned ahead.

Shamanic Healing Techniques

Energy or Soul Cleansing:-


No matter whatever we do and how much we do to avoid the negative energy and prefer to stay away from it still there is some quantity of negativity is there that gets attached to us.The whole day we go through the various types of negative emotions like fear anger shame regret loss humiliation heartbreak etc be it with a personal contact or telephonic conversation. We live in a stressful world so the traces of negativities get attached to us no matter how much we try to shrug it off. The shamanic healing is used to cleanse the inner soul of all the negativities that may have got attached to it. The soul cleansing happens to be the basis of shamanic healing.It could be done by using various materials like drums, songs, tobacco, and rattle. In this process, the patient is blessed with power and protection with all the beauty and love showered over him with the song and with the music of the drum or the rattle.


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Energy or Soul Retrieval:-


We constantly have a soul loss in the modern materialistic world that we live in. Be it on an emotional, spiritual, physical or mental level. The soul loss happens when we get dissociated from our bodies owing to a bad and traumatic experience. Such an event will cause the weakening of our aura or energy field because owing to this a part of a fragment of our soul might get disassociated from the whole soul or energy itself. The soul loss may just manifest itself in form of the mental or physical disease. A really vast majority of people are suffering in their lives because of the soul loss. Though there is often the tendency on part of the lost soul segment to remerge with the original soul or energy.


There could be various situations that can result in the soul portion loss like bereavement, accident ,heartbreak, violence and abuse shocks and traumas and many more. The soul portion loss will manifest itself in the symptoms like chronic illness, fatigue, continuous bad luck, addictiveness, mental illness, panic attacks, anxiety, event shock, numbness. By using the shamanic healing techniques we can retrieve and recall the fragment of the soul that has been lost owing to some trauma and also the person can be made strong at soul or spirituals level so as to he becomes shock resistant in future and be able to withstand and override any type of trauma.


Gentle Spirit Dispossession:-


The spirits that leave the body of a dead person sometimes get stuck while they are still in the state of believe that they are alive. They often tend to penetrate into the person with the weaker energy field and start directing and influencing his life. Sometimes the influence could be mild and may just get unnoticed while other times it could be a really strong one and it may affect the life of the person drastically.


Though at a certain point of time many people are influenced by the spirits this influence is so mild that they continue to live their normal lives and are in complete control of themselves. By the way of the shamanic healing practice the person who is under the influence of the spirit can be brought back to his/her normal state and the spirit by whom that person is possessed can be made to recede by the way of polite persuasion and the possessing spirit to could be guided to its proper place and journey or it could be laid to the state of rest. In this entire process, the special care is taken to treat both the patient and the spirit with extreme love and care as the possessed being might be some kid or an aged or weak and sensitive person so doing the spirit any harm might just be harmful to the person itself.


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Shamanic Journey or Doctoring:-


The shamanic journey is a specialized sort of shamanic healing or doctoring in which the shaman or the practitioner transcends to a different world or dimension so that he could unite and merge with the pious compassionate and the healing spirits in order to collect the special healing energy or power for the patient so as to cure his/her illness or disability from which he/she is suffering from. He transfers this energy into a patient with songs moments or with words.


Guardian Spirit Retrieval:-


In the worlds of spirit all of us have well-wisher and allies in form of spirits who are always protecting and taking care of us. They are always working for our betterment and advancement. They always strive to enhance our wisdom and protect us from spiritual harm whatsoever. By using this type of shamanic healing we can always summon or call back these spirits.We can develop, deepen and build upon the ongoing relationship with these helpful and protective spirits from the other world so that they may help in healing up all our spiritual wounds.


Ancestor Healing:-


This type of shamanic healing is used when there is a problem in our life of some loss done on the spirit level owing to the disruption in our ancestral patterns. Our ancestral spirits might just be calling us and wanting us to attend to them. Our ancestral souls might just have some of their wishes unfulfilled or they might be stuck due to some another reason. In this type of healings offerings and prayers are made to our ancestors so that their stuck spirits get nourished healed and satisfied and are laid to rest and the blockage in our lives is cleared at the spirit level which was there due to the ancestral disruptions. This will not only nourish and heal our ancestral spirits but will heal our lives as well which was disrupted due to the ancestral disruptions.


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Divination is the method in which we ask the spirit world about their look and viewpoint on a certain issue or question. It might be done by using the various kinds of objects. We can do this by drumming and also by using the cloth prayer cloth and by putting plenty of materials into it. You may or may not have to do a ceremonial task at the completion of the healing session. It is often used to seek the perspective of the spirit world on the problem or the issue that pertains to some sort of spiritual damage or loss and is beyond a person’s comprehension.


Shifting or Initiating Ritual:-


This method may be used when a person is undergoing some major life change shifting or initiating ritual due to some really significant event that is happening in his/her life that may alter his/her persona or his energy drastically. It is often a lengthy process and may take a really long time ranging from weeks to months. This may be done with any type of shamanic healing g that has been mentioned or the shamanic healer may devise some new and innovative way to get an initiation for the person that is needed to heal up his spirit or energy due to which he/she is lagging in life.


Spirit Animal Retrieval:-


The spirit animal of the person is the protecting or helping spirit that is always there to guide a person and whose characteristics the person exhibits .it may be anything from an animal to a fictional character or even a celeb .it is someone or something that a person relates to or draws inspiration from and relates to. When a person becomes ignorant of its existence or no more looks up to it and stops listening to it then his/her soul animal leaves it. So what the shamans do is that they act as a medium to reconnect the person with the soul animal so that the person starts acting again on the advice of the soul animal. It gets attached to his/her soul animal and starts drawing inspiration from it again. The soul animal of a person can act as a great healing agent for the spiritual resurrection of a person.


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Curse Removal:-


Curse removal is the method with which we actually extract or pull out the deep-rooted energy that has got stuck into the system or in the energy field of a person very deeply and in no way leave on its own, needs to be pulled out by using strong and effective measures. This unduly logged energy is creating problems in a person’s life. The curse might not just be the one that we often hear in stories but it might just due to the prolonged bad experience or association that may just cause a major part of spirit not just to be lost but actually to get altered and start following such patterns in life that might just be uncalled for and be problematic both for the person himself and for others. By using this method we not only pull out and extract the bad vibes or energies that are stuck but also completely alter and overhaul the system or energy field of the person so that he may be able to lead a normal and healthy life which is beneficial for both for him and others.


Removing Spirit Blockage:-


The spiritual blockage removing technique involves repairing and regaining the damaged aura field of a person that might have been damaged or lost due to some traumatic incident. The attack or intrusion on a person’s aura field might just leave his spiritual energy field weaker or it may just cause the complete loss of that part of the soul permanently. These external attacks or intrusion may be there in various forms .if they are not taken care of timely and properly they may just leave your body’s energy field weak and vulnerable to various diseases.


Energetic and Physical Healing:-


In this type of shamanic healing the physical ailments are taken care of at spiritual or energy levels. The cause of the ailments is detected and altered at the soul level itself so that it may vanish never to appear again. In this process, the root cause of the problem is found and taken care of by healing at the spirit level. The suffering person is guided by rendering the proper information about how to be careful in future so that this sort of problem may not occur again. The physical diseases or symptoms are cured at the spirit level once and for all to ensure the vitality and harmony of both body and soul. The connection is established between the person and the soul through the shamanic practitioner and the persons learn the lifelong lesson to stay fit and healthy.


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Drum Healing:-


The light and sound medium is the ideal medium to transfer and transmit the healing energy from one medium to other I.e. from the spirits to the humans. The sound and light energy is abundantly available in the vibration form. The benevolent and helping spirits can act through the high bass sound of the drum and facilitate the healing process. The drums have been used by the ancient civilizations for the sacred ceremonies and rituals and to create sacred spaces to facilitate journeys to the other worlds and realms. Signals to sky are often emitted to call the upper world elements and beings to facilitate in spirit healing.

Objects like drums and rattles provide a great medium for sonic driving to get to the state of shamanic consciousness. If we use the correct cadence it will create a carrier frequency that will assist to transverse into the non-ordinary reality.The spirit of the drum gets connected to the spirits of the things and objects like animals who were living things and out of whom the drum as made. It also gets connected with the protection and helping spirits. Through the vibrating sacred drums, it is possible to merge with the friendly spirits and transfer the healing energy from spirits of the suffering person who needs it to heal the spiritual or physical wounds.


Crossing Over:-


This is often done out of compassion as sometimes there is a confusion about the death on the part of the soul. This confusion can be cleared only by intervention which is often done by crossing over the soul’s path and by giving it a psycho pomp which is a technique to guide the deceased souls to the place where they should go after the death of the body.


Distant Healing:-


All the methods of shamanic healing that had been mentioned above can be practiced from a distance to as a part of remote healing in which the patient need not to be there during the healing session .he will get healed at the place where he is present by the by the healer who is present at a certain distance from him. This type is especially beneficial for the people who are unable to participate in the healing sessions due to one reason or use the shamanic.


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