Shamanic Symbols


How It Is Done??


In the shamanism there is often the use of symbols .The importance and the use of the symbols are that the spirits are influenced by the use of an attractive and effective symbol. These symbols have been used by our ancestors and had been our ancestors and had been passed on to the next generations. The evidence of these symbols is there to be found in the cave art and other traditional paintings and carvings.


The main types of shamanic symbols that were used in ancient times and are still in use for shamanic healing are wings, hunting fishing etc. The symbols of wings were and are still used to represent the shamanic journey through which the shamans transcended to the higher realms and connect with the helping and protective spirits. The other paintings like hunting and fishing etc and of other activities depict the traditional and modern ways of shamans.

Shamanic Symbols

The shamanic symbols can also be seen on the various objects used for shamanic healing like candles sprays and shamanic baths .The shamanic symbols either represent the cultures to which they belong or are derived directly from spirits. Apart from the above-mentioned symbols, there are other symbols also that are used in the shamanic practices like protection focus love prosperity empowerment purification spirit healing calming etc that are used by the shamanic practitioners. These symbols are believed to be provided directly by the spirits as many people claim to have witnessed them during the shamanic journeys.


These paintings and symbols that were used to the ancient civilizations not only were nnnn the source of inspiration for the then prevalent culture and civilizations but also has come down as the source of information telling about the styles and way of the living of our ancestors.


Radiant Lotus :-


The radiant lotus symbol stands for calming .It tell us about the importance and power of being rather that that on doing. Symbolically just like lotus keeps afloat on the calm water without actually doing much of the movement and water totally supporting it similarly we should just concentrate on being and let the life take care of.

Radiant Lotus

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Spiral sun :-


In many shamanic traditions the sun is considered as the first healer or the first shaman. The natural rhythm and movement of the life is indicated by the spiral .The symbol itself depicts the constant flow of energy around us in the whole of the cosmos which helps us to come back just like the natural rhythm of the spiral and reinstate our harmonious state of health and well being.

Spiral sun

Winged medicine wheel :-


The winged medicine wheel in the shamanism is the symbol that stands for the spirit. The cross within the cycle with the four equal arms is very often used in the shamanic medicinal field. It actually stands for the essence of four i.e is four seasons, four races of humanity, four directions and many more such cycles of the physical world that constitute the four aspects. The wings surrounding the circle tells us that there are the spiritual beings that care and protect us who watch everything and strive for the positive balance in the physical world.

Winged medicine wheel

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Three eagle feather :-


The three eagle feather symbol stands for purification as it carries with it the pure spirit of the eagle who is a sacred being across many cultures particularly in north America. It conveys the pure spirit of eagle that flies close to the sun and the creator so it is considered to be the best messenger carrier and conveyer of our prayers to the creator. Since eagle has a pure soul so its wings also carry its purity. This is the reason why the eagle wings are often used in the prayers and purification ceremonies like a purification tool.

Three eagle feather

Sacred Flame :-


The sacred flame symbol stands for empowerment .it shows a scared flame that we all carry within us but at times the power of the flame gets diminished and instead o the flame we just carry a spark within us. In such a scenario we need to repower and empower ourselves by reigniting the sacred flame to its full energy. It tells us that we carry the cared fire within us.

Sacred Flame

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Turtle :-


The symbol of the turtle indicates prosperity. It embodies the earth life force and our ancestral connections. Since the turtle is a great navigator who always finds way back to home so the turtle symbol carries with it the medicine of safety and security .It brings with it all that is needed to have prosperity in life.


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Circle of protection :-


The circle which is ringed with four swords in it, is perceived as the circle of protection. Each sword in the circle is considered to be representing four guardian angels, four directions, four world bearers, four spirit clans. All these forces are carried in this symbol. The circle is considered s to be surrounding and protective to whatever it contains inside it.

Circle of protection

Dame Dame :-


This African symbol stands for the focus. This symbol brings the medicine of sharp mind and intellect. This symbol actually is a board game that needs great skill and intelligence .it tells us to focus ourselves into the positive directions and find solutions to all the problems.

Dame Dame

Odo nyera fie kwan :-


This is also an African symbol that carries the medicine of love and truthfulness .It tells us that love will light itself up on its own and it can find its way on its own and it does not need any help from the outside. Love could easily be shared with others in a positive and healthy manner.

Odo nyera fie kwan

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