Shamanic Healing Methods


How It Is Done??


The shamanic healing is done by using the number of methods going through the various types of process. By passing through the various processes the soul of a person is healed energized and revitalized so that the person actually becomes stronger a spirit level which afterwards would get transformed and manifest itself in form of physical mental and emotional strengths. The shamanic healing processes through which the healing is done have been mentioned as under.

Shamanic - methods

Illumination Process:-


It is base of the healing process that involves removing of the deep rooted beliefs in the brain of the person that is preventing the person to move ahead in life .Basically the process involves the cleansing of chakras. The brain is cleared of all the past negativities and blockages. By lightening up all the darkened parts of the brain all the blockages get cleared and the person gets detached from all the bitter memories of past that had been haunting him.


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Regaining Lost Soul Parts:-


As we have some traumatic and incidents in life so some fragments of our soul get detaches from our soul and as a result of it our aura field gets weekend and our persona gets damaged and we become susceptible to various diseases and illnesses. By the way of shamanic healing practices we reunite our lost soul parts with the soul so that it gets charged and energized again and become strong and powerful and the person is able to achieve all the peace and happiness.


Cutting of Ties:-


In our life we hang on to the memories of the people with whom we had some attachment or relationships which keep on haunting us. Clinging on to the past memories and relationships may lead to some sort of energy loss and blockages. We sever off all the ties with the person that Induce negative emotions in us and causes soul denting. When we do this tie cutting exercise then we tend to retain all the positive memories and associations with that person.


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Entities and Psychic Daggers:-


Whenever the soul gets damaged from the certain points many unwanted energies enter into it and start for competing for the vital life force .In this process all the intruding energies are cleared so that the free flow of the vital life force energy is maintained.


Past Life Therapy:-


As we know that we all inherits all our traits from our ancestors and carry all our habits from the past in the form of karmas. The energy losses that we have suffered during the past lives pass down to us in form of our habits and behavioral patterns. By the way of shamanic healing we clear all the soul deficiencies that tend to hamper our smooth and proper functioning.


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Ancestral Healing:-


The shamanic healing can help to clear all our past wounds and lay the foundation of the better future. All the behavior patterns that we follow have been passed down to us by our ancestors. In ancestral healing we clear all the unfinished business of our ancestors and clear ourselves of all the ancestral debts. In this we free ourselves for our well being and rid ourselves from repeating our ancestral faults .This make us to connect with our souls in the better way.


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Shamanic Death Rites:-


In this therapy the whole introspection of the deceased person is done and all the things wishes and desire that might had been remained unfulfilled are taken care of in the proper manner through the rites. In this process there could be release of heavy energy as the person might just be finding it difficult to let go the memories of deceased person or their soul might be troubling him. This therapy could prove to be really effective to cure that person.


Chakra Cleansing:-


Our body has 7 energy chakras that contain a lot of energy that is essential for the vitality of the soul and body. At times these chakras get imbalanced due to which our body and the soul becomes sluggish. We cure these chakras and restore the balance so that the vitality of the soul is brought .In this all the blockages or fatigues are cleared at once as the chakras cleansing for all the chakras is done simultaneously.


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