Death spell for Neighbor


1.   Do you have bothersome neighbors ??


2.   Are your neighbors the pain in the neck for you ??


3.   Do the neighbors annoy and irritate you ??


4.   Do you will always wish to get rid of them ??


5.   Do your neighbors drive you mad ??


6.   Have they become too toxic for you to be tolerated ??


7.   Have they become a major threat for you ??


8.   Have all your measure to tackle such bad and nasty neighbors failed ??


9.  Do you wish to take some drastic and desperate measure to get rid of dangerous neighbors ??


10.  Casting the death spell for neighbors is the best and only option left for you to redeem and secure yourself.


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Materials needed to cast a death spell for a neighbor:-


1.   Incense


2.   Candles


3.   Clothes of the neighbors


4.   Lighter or Matchbox


5.   Lemon


6.   Green chilly


7.   Graveyard sand


8.   Dogs blood


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Procedure to follow:-


1.   Take clothes of your neighbors.


2.   Put a lemon and a green chili into it.


3.   Now wrap it up.


4.   Spill the black dog’s blood over it.


5.   Rub it with the graveyard soil.


6.   Light up the incense and candles with lighter or matchstick.


7.   Say the following chant


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|| Spells ||


“By the power of the spirits
Up in the sky
My enemy neighbor
May you die”


8.   Repeat it 51 times


9.   Bury it in your neighbor’s backyard.


10.   Wait or the death of your neighbor.


Time frame :-


The most suitable time to cast the death spell for your neighbors is at night when your neighbors are in deep sleep or they are away from home. The spell will start to work the moment you complete the process to cast it and will deliver results in a short span of time. Your enemy neighbor will leave this world very soon and your worries and tensions with regard to your bothersome neighbors will be over for good.


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Precautions :-


1.   The spell should be cast at night only.


2.   Follow the entire procedure properly.


3.   Keep it completely secret.


4.   You should have complete faith in the success of the spell.


5.   You should not be nervous while casting the spell.


6.   Cast the death spell for a neighbor as a last resort only.


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