Death spell for Ex


1.   Is your ex-troubling you ??


2.   Has your ex-moved on after breaking your heart ??


3.   Has your ex-become a danger to you and your existence ??


4.   Is your ex-making life hell for you ??


5.   The only choice that is left with you is to go for death spell for ex.


6.   By casting the death spell for your ex you will be able to get rid of him permanently.


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Materials needed :-


You will need to collect some specific ingredients and materials if you wish to cast the death spell on your ex. The materials needed have been enlisted below.


1.   Picture of your ex


2.   Crow’s bones


3.   Crow blood


4.   Incense


5.   Black candles


6.   Black clothes


7.   Matchbox


8.   Black pepper


9.   Black salt


10.   Black chalk or paint


11.   Sharp-edged weapon


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To cast a deadly death spell on ex you should arrange for all the above-mentioned ingredients. Afterward, you should follow the following procedure.


1.   You should sit down on some lonely and isolated place.


2.   Make a square on the ground with the black chalk.


3.   Put a black candle on each corner of the square.


4.   Light up all the candles.


5.   Tie the crow bones to the sharp-edged weapon with.


6.   Dip the sharp-edged weapon in the crow blood.


7.   Now take the picture of your ex.


8.   Pot it in the square drawn.


9.   Put black salt and black pepper on it.


10.   Now smash the image and tear it into pieces with the weapon.


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11.   Burn the incense.


12.   Say the following chant.


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“To the hell, go you straight
May you suffer the deadly fate.”


13.   Repeat the chant 21 times.


14.   Now gather all the remains and bury them at some distant place.


15. The death spell has been cast and your enemy will surely die.




The most suitable time to cast the death spell is at night.t he Saturday night is the best to cast this spell particularly if this happens to be the full moon night. The spell will become operative the moments it is cast and your enemy will die in a matter of few days.


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Precautions to be taken to cast the death spell for Ex:-


1.   Everything should be done. secretly.


2.   Follow the procedure properly.


3.   Cast the spell confidently.


4.   You should not be nervous while casting the spell.


5.   The death spell should be cast at night only.


6.   It should be cast as the last resort only.


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