Death spell for Boss


1.   Is your boss ego driven, over dominating and at times intimidating ??


2.   Is he hindering your way to the professional success ??


3.   Is he a threat to your existence in the organization ??


4.   Are you left only with the option to remove the boss out of your way permanently ??


5.   Such circumstances call for casting the death spell for boss.


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Materials needed to cast the death spell for Boss :-


1.   Dry tobacco leaves


2.   Black pepper


3.   Black salt


4.   Cloves


5.   Black cumin


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Procedure to cast the death spell for boss :-


1.   Take some dry tobacco leaves.


2.   Take some cloves.


3.   Take some black cumin.


4.   Crush them completely.


5.   Make the powder out of them.


6.   Put some black pepper in it.


7.   Add black salt to it.


8.   Mix all the ingredients properly.


9.   Chant the following spell.


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“Out of you, life I squeeze
May the bad boss rest in peace”


10.   Repeat the chant 51 times.


11.   Sprinkle the powder at or around his sitting place.


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12.   The boss will soon exit his life.


Time frame :-


1.   Cast this death spell for the boss in the evening when the boss has left the office.


2.   The spell will come into effect right after the midnight.


3.   The boss will say goodbye to the world within a day or two.


4.  Your road towards your professional growth will be cleared as the obstacle in your way to the professional success is gone.


5.  Now you can excel in your profession and achieve you professional goals and can get the desired position in the organization may be even replace your late boss.


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Precautions to be taken to cast the death spell for boss :-


  1.  Cast the spell in the proper manner.


2.   Cast the spell at the right time.


3.   You should be alone while casting the spell.


4.   Have faith in the success of the spell.


5.   Don’t be nervous while casting the spell.


6.   Keep the whole thing secret.


7.   Be patient to get the results.


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