Death spell for Mistress


1.   Is a mistress troubling you ??


2.   Is she the cause of all your worries ??


3.   Is she threatening your personal life ??


4.   Have all your efforts to get rid of her proved useless ??


5.   Do you want to get rid of her forever ??


6.   You have a perfect case to cast the death spell for a mistress.


7.   A death spell for a mistress is cast for taking the permanent care of the other women who are trying to create problems in a marriage or a relationship between a couple.


8.   By casting a death spell for the mistress you will ensure that this lady dies and is never able to trouble you any more.


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Materials needed to cast a death spell for mistress :-


1.   Hair of the mistress


2.   Ornaments of the mistress


3.   Owl blood


4.   Black candles


5.   Incense


6.   Lighter or Matchbox


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1.   Take the hair of the mistress.


2.   Take some of her ornaments along with.


3.   Wrap the hair of the mistress on the ornaments.


4.   Spill the owl blood on it.


5.   Light up candles and incense using a lighter or matchstick.


6.   Say the following chant


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“Rid me of all my stress
Die the deadly mistress”


7.   Repeat the chant 21 times.


8.  Bury all the materials at some isolated place.


9.   The mistress will soon meet her end.




The death spell for the mistress should be cast at the full moon night on Saturday. Once the spell is cast rest assured the hated mistress will meet her deadly fate. She will leave the world within a matter of few days after you have cast the death spell for a mistress. You will rid himself of all the problems that were to be caused because of her in your life and your personal life will be clear of all the worries created by the presence of this ‘other woman’.


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1.   Use the death spell for mistress as a last resort only.


2.   Cast this spell at night only.


3.   Have full faith in the success of the spell.


4.   Keep the whole thing confidential.


5.   Follow the prescribed procedure accurately.


6.   Do not skip any steps.


7.   Do not miss any ingredients.


8.   Never use any extra ingredients.


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Death Spells

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