Death spell for Enemy


1.   Do you want to get rid of your sworn enemy forever ??


2.   Do you want to stop him from harming you ??


3.   Do you want to crush and destroy him permanently ??


4.   Has your enemy become intolerable and too dangerous ??


5.   Has it become life and death matter between him and you ??


6.   In this situation, we have got to make use of the death spell for the enemy.


7.   By casting the death spell for the enemy we can get rid of him permanently and save ourselves.


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Materials needed:-


1.   A Dagger


2.   Black Candle


3.   Enemy Picture


4.   Black ribbons


5.   Black chalk or paint


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Procedure to cast the death spell for Enemy :-


1.   Select a dark lonely indoor place.


2.   Draw a circle with a dark paint of chalk.


3.   Put a sign of a cross in the circle with a black paint.


4.   Put the candle in the circle and light it up.


5.   Now take the picture of your enemy.


6.   Put it down on the cross marked in the circle.


7.   Now hit it with the dagger in such a manner that the dagger runs through the picture and gets stuck in the ground.


8.   Now pick up the dagger with the picture stuck in it.


9.   Wrap the black ribbons around it.


10. Take it in front of the burning candle flame.


11.   Say the following chant.


|| Spells ||


“With this magic stroke
May you vanish like a smoke”


12.   Repeat the chant 51 times


13.   Now burn the picture of your enemy while it is stuck in the dagger holding it in your hand.


14.   See the picture reduced to ashes.


15.   Now bury the dagger under those ashes.


16.   Your enemy will be dead.


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Time frame :-


The best time to do it is at the waning moon night of Saturday. The spell would show its effect within a week’s period and you will witness your enemies’ demise. Since the death spells are extremely powerful spell so they are will surely bring down their target and kill your sworn enemy.


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Precautions to be taken to cast the death spell for Enemy :-


1.   You must cast the spell properly.


2.   It should be cast at night only.


3.   It should be kept totally secret.


4.   You should be confident while casting a death spell.


5.   You should pronounce the chant properly.


6.   You should wait for the results patiently.


7.   You should have full faith in the success of the spell.


8.   You must cast a death spell only as a last resort.


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Death Spells

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