Revenge For Your Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend


It is really a shameful condition when your ex-love leaves you and went to another one. This is the condition when one has to face the situation of depression or sometimes committing a suicide. But harming yourself is not the right way. You need to follow the tit for tat so that he/she can experience the same that you felt just because of her/him.

Ex Girlfriend Boyfriend

Take the help of spell for revenge on your ex-love, here we go :-


Collect This Material :-


1. A picture of your lover


2. A heart-shaped locket


3. A pink color candle


4. A permanent marker of black color


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Method of Doing Revenge Spell for Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend :-


1. Take the pink candle and light it up.


2. Continuously stare the flame for 10 seconds.


3. By using the black permanent marker, write the name of your lover on the back side of the picture .


4. Burn the picture using pink candle till it becomes ashes.


5. Collect the ashes carefully and put into the locket.


6. Let your ex- love wear this locket somehow. If you can force her/him to wear as a gift of a friend. Once she/he wore it slowly will get separated from her/his new love.


7. In case you are unable her/him to wear this, don’t worry you can place it nearby her/his picture, it will not stop its work.


8. It will do similarly she/he did with you.


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Precautions to Perform the Revenge Spell for Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend :-


1. Choose the picture in which the person you targeted is alone. Never choose any group picture.


2. Perform the whole task when you are alone


3. Never perform this to hurt anyone


4. Never perform the task twice wait until it results otherwise take the help of Molvi.


Effective Time to Cast the Revenge Spell for Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend :-


Saturday midnight is a perfect time


When the Revenge Spell for Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend Would Work :-


Within next 11 days, you will see the result in your favor.


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