Revenge Spell for Enemy


Is there someone standing in the way of your success ?? Nowadays, getting success is not a task of a kid. One has to commit a long way of struggle to get a peak of glory. But the situation when someone else gets the credit for this, it really hurts you. But you need not worry about it as the spells can remove all the problems occur in the way of your success. Take a help of Revenge spell and your problems will become outdated.

Revenge Spell for Enemy

Here we go to perform this task :-


Material Required for Revenge Spell for Enemy ??


1. Black sketch pen.


2. Blue color candle.


3. One wine bottle.


4. One paper.


5. Cloth made doll/puppet.


6. Red color cloth.


7. Five nails.


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Method of Casting Revenge Spell for Enemy :-


1. Take all this material together and read this spell


“ Listen To Me Fire, Listen To Me Nature, And Listen To Me Air (Enemy Name) is Annoyed, Please Make Him Fair ”


2. Take the Puppet/doll and burn with the candle fire.


3. When the ashes became touchable (Not so hot) then collect it carefully.


4. Put the ashes in red cloth and nail in it carefully.


5. Leave this red cloth in the graveyard when nobody can see you.


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Precaution While Casting the Revenge Spell for Enemy :-


1. Don’t dare to look back when leaving the graveyard after doing the entire process.


2. The process should be performed only once for one person. Never do this twice for the same person.


3. You can use the cheap wine for this, no need to buy an expensive bottle.


Effective Time to Cast Revenge Spell for Enemy :-


Do this process only on Saturday night.


When the Revenge Spell for Enemy Would Work :-


The spell will start its work immediately but you need to wait for the next minimum 7 days.


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