Revenge Spell For Neighbour


We all have some bad days and some good days to face. Good days are filled by the positive energy of good wishers meanwhile the bad people make efforts to change our happiness into unpleasant days. These are none other than our so called neighbours and friends. Let’s take risk to make them pay back for this by using Revenge Spell on Neighbour.

Revenge Spell For Neighbour

Material Required for Revenge Spell for Neighbour :-


1. One bottle or jar .


2. Vinegar.


3. Sharp articles like razor blades, screws, pins, rusty nails, needles, broken glasses.


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Method of Casting Revenge Spell for Neighbour :-


1. Take the bottle and fill halfway with the sharp objects.


2. Take the vinegar to fill the rest bottle.


3. Seal the bottle with a tape or lid but tightly.


4. Go into garden or any ground place around the home.


5. Dig a hole in the ground of 12 inches deep or where the bottle can be placed easily without anyone’s disturbance.


6. Bury the bottle in the hole carefully.


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Precaution While Casting Revenge Spell for Neighbour :-


1. Perform this task in a night so that none can see you.


2. Once it is buried never share this to anyone.


3. Never look back once the bottle is buried .


Effective Time to Cast Revenge Spell for Neighbour :-


When the moon appears full in sky that’s midnight is the right time to perform your task.


When the Revenge Spell for Neighbour Would Work :-


Once you buried it, no one will be able to hurt you whether it is your neighbour or anyone else in your known. Even their every act will back work on them.


Under What Circumstances Spells Will Work :-


The spell will work if you follow this sequence wise, your little negligence can disappoint you. If you have any doubt to follow this task by yourself, you can take help of Molvi or spell specialist who offer you guaranteed 100 satisfactions in you task.


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