Revenge Spell For Boss


Is there someone who has insulted you, embarrassed you or trapped you ?? It may happen with you in your professional life. Your so-called friends may backbite you to make the good impression in the front of your boss. Or it may be your boss, who credited himself for your hardworking. You can cast the retribution spell so that the person can be punished for his wrong doings.

Revenge Spell For Boss

What you need to do is :-


Material Required For Revenge Spell for Boss :-


1. Two tarot cards: two of cups and the devils.


2. A picture of targeted person.


3. Selenite.


4. Candles of pink color.


5. Something that the person gave you as a gift or anything else given by that person.


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Method of Casting Revenge Spell for Boss :-


1. Cleanse the place where you are going to perform whole task as well as take a cleansing bath for you.


2. Collect all the items at that place carefully.


3. Take the picture in the middle and place the cup right and left side.


4. Keep the rose quartz in front of picture.


5. Draw a circle around the entire material where you perform this.


6. Light up the candles


7. The most important part stare the picture and remember how the boss embarrass you.


8. Remember the whole scene carefully and raise the energy against that person.


9. Close your eyes and think what you want your boss to feel and say these words “Let Him Experience The Devotion He Professed To Have For Me Let Him Be Made To Feel In Full What He Evoked In Me”


10. Close the circle and all the material.


11. Let this material run in the river or flowing water.


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Precaution While Casting Revenge Spell for Boss :-


1. Never repeat the process for the same person.


2. Wait until you get the positive result.


3. Never look back once the task is performed.


4. Keep your intention to experience the same that the boss experienced you but don’t do this to harm anyone.


Effective Time for Casting Revenge Spell for Boss :-


1. Follow this process on the night of Friday.


2. Chooses the day when there is either waxing or full moon.


When the Revenge Spell for Boss Would Work :-


Once you put down the material in the river the spell will start to work for you quicker. However, within the next 7 days, you will see the complete result.


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