Revenge by breaking relationship of your Ex love


One sided love is often found among the teenagers. People whom truly love they are caught in another’s love without thinking about you. Sacrifice is not the only meaning of true love. Let your crush feel the feeling of breaking your heart. Take a help of Revenge Break up and get the condition in your favor. This is the most easier and simple spell to do.

Revenge Spell for Break Up

Material required for Revenge Spell for Breakup :-


1. Candle of either black or greenish yellow color


2. Sharp pin


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Method of Casting Revenge Breakup Spell :-


1. Light up the candle.


2. Think only about the couple you want to make separate .


3. Take the pin and prick the candle many times continuously .


4. As the candle getting prick, the couple’s heart will be broken in so many pieces.


5. Extinguish the candle and break it into two separate pieces.


6. Throw the candle in two opposite direction thinking over the couple separated.


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Precaution While Casting Revenge Breakup Spell :-


1. Do this process when you are alone


2. Never share this with anyone until you get success.


3. Never look back in those directions once the task is over .


4. Think only about the separation of the couple .


Effective Time to Do the Work :-


When the moon appears full in the sky, on that midnight you can perform this task.


When Revenge Breakup Spell Would Work :-


Within the next 7-11 days, you will see the result. However, on 21st day of this spell performed you will find the breakup of the couple.


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