Make your boyfriend fall in love spells

How to cast love spell for girlfriend
January 31, 2017
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February 3, 2017

Make your boyfriend fall in love spells

  • Make your boyfriend attracted towards you.
  • Get your boyfriend back to you.
  • Stop your boyfriend from other girls.
  • Control your boyfriend.
  • You can use these spells and you will get results in just three days.

Required materials for the spells:

  • One toothpick.
  • Two Red Candles.
  • Two Cinnamon sticks.
  • Dirt from the footstep of your desired person.
  • Red Cloth.
  • Red Thread.
  • Red Pen.
  • Ginger.

Method of Casting spells:

  • Carve on one Candle your name and name of the desired person on other Candle with the help of Toothpick.
  • Now draw a circle with the tooth pick.
  • Place the Candles in the circle.
  • Put the dirt taken from the footstep in the circle.
  • Now Write your and the name of the person on each Cinnamon stick.
  • Then tie the sticks with the help of Red thread with Ginger.
  • Cover the Ginger with Red cloth.
  • Place it in between the Candles.
  • Now light the Candles and recite the given spells for 101 times.



" I beg the moon I beg the Earth To let me show my love’s full worth To whom I want I hope this spell to me (name of the person) needs."

  • Now visualize yourself romancing with him for five minutes with your eyes closed.
  • Then open your eyes and blow on the Candles.
  • Collect the wax and candles and put them in the Red cloth that is covering ginger.
  • Burry the Red Cloth under any tree at Vandalized place.

Important things to be followed for the spells:

  • Caste this spells on full Moon night in the Moonlight.
  • Don’t use broken Cinnamon sticks.
  • Don’t use these spells for wrong reasons.
  • You can use this spells only once on one person.
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