Vashikaran specialist in Delhi

  • Moulana Ashfaq Khan is three times consecutive gold medalist for his services related to the Vashikaran.
  • He has made the record of doing 4800 Vashikaran cases and has all the related proofs.
  • He charges his fees after the work of his client is done with all the satisfaction.
  • There are no side effects from any remedy provided by him.
  • He has 35 years in this field and possesses great intellect.
  • His articles are daily published in many newspapers and magazines and he also appears in interviews and programs on many channels.
  • After the research of many years he has written two books on Vashikaran subject.
  • He has organized many camps on Vashikaran.

Best love Vashikaran specialist in Delhi.

  • To get your lost love back to you.
  • To get the love of any particular boy or a girl.
  • To remove differences from the love affair and married life.
  • To get the attractions and affections of someone.
  • “Allah bich hatheli ke Muhammad bich Kapar Uska naam Mohini Jagat mohe sansaar, Moh kare jo moh par use baye pot war dar, Jo na janne Mohammad paigambar ki shaan, Us par mihammad mera rasililah.”
  • 1. You have to acquire some sand from the footstep of the person whom you want to apply the method of Vashikaran.
  • 2. To get Sidhi of the mantra you have to recite it for the 1001 times daily for the seven days.
  • 3. Start the method on any Saturday.
  • 4. After getting Sidhi then recite 11 times mantra on the sand.
  • 5. Now throw the sand on the head of the person whom you want to take under your control.

Precautions for the method

  • 1-Your motive and reason for the method should be for the good purpose. 
  • 2-Recitation and pronunciation of the mantra should be correct. 
  • 3-You must take bath before performing the method.