Vashikaran Specialist

Vashikaran specialist

Why Maulana Ashfaq Khan Is Vashikaran Specialist !!

  • He is three times consecutive gold medals winner in this field.
  • He hast track record of doing more than 4800 Vashikaran and have all the related proofs with him.
  • He is working in this field from the last 35 years and has deep knowledge in this field most knowledgeable person in this field.
  • His daily articles appear in many prominent newspapers and magazines and his programs are also telecasted on many channels..
  • He has done research of many years in this field and has written two books for the benefits of the people.
  • He has organized many camps on Vashikaran at different locations in India and abroad.

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Why People Like his Special Service - Vashikaran !!!

  • He first satisfied the client with his work done and after that he charges his i.e. fees after work.
  • The remedies and methods provided by him are very strong and powerful which gives results very fast i.e. he has guarantee of his work.
  • There are no side effects of remedies given by him for the Vashikaran i.e. if you are not satisfied than there is money back guarantee.
  • If you have lost your love because of any reason and want to get your lost back to you. .
  • If you want to get any kind of your work done from someone but he is not ready to do it for you. .
  • -If you like someone and have strong feelings to get that particular boy or a girl in your life.
  • If you do not have any other option to get your work done then Vashikaran specialist is an ideal way out. .

Materials Required

  • Two lemons.
  • Photo of the person.
  • Two candles.
  • 1/2 meter black cloth.
  • 2 Betel leaf.
  • Procedure to be followed-
  • 1. Write your name on one lemon and the name of the other person ( on whom you want to apply this method ) on the other lemon.
  • 2. Take the lemon in your hand on which name of the other person is written, rotate it 11 times over your head.
  • 3. Now the lemon on which your name is written and rotate it 11 times over the photo of the person.
  • 4. Now place the lemons on the Betel leafs.
  • 5. Lighten up the candles and recite the given Mantra 151 times.
  • Vashikaran Mantra- “Krim Kreem Kripalani Dushtani Mum Vashyam (name of the person) Kuru”
  • 6. After completing the method make lemon Juice by using the lemon on which the name of the person has been written and drink it.
  • 7. You have to do this method for the 11 days continuously and on the twelfth day go in front of that person you will see the results.
  • 8. Wrap the used material in the black cloth and throw it into the running water.

Precautions while performing this Vashikaran-

  • 1.- Must Started be on Saturday only. 
    • 2- Do not try to take advantage of any one. 
      • 3- Lemon with your Name also has to be put into the running water. 
        • 4- While doing this , one should not have any wrong relations with any girl or boy. 
          • 5- Should not Eat any non veg while Doing this. 

Check frequently asked questions by our Clients...

Can we Meet Maulana Ashfaq Khan in person???
Yes, You can check contact us Page.
If Our Work is Not Done , Are we going to get our Money back??
How we can get our Money back if we are not satisfied by his service??
Just Send an email to him.
Does Maulana Ashfaq Khan Charges Fees After Work??
Does Maulana Ashfaq Khan harm Some one with black magic or vashikaran ??
No, Not at all, not any cost...
Does Maulana Ashfaq Khan make any sacrifice in any Ritual ??

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