Vashikaran specialist Baba ji

Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji


Moulana Ashfaq Khan is also know as vashikaran Specialist baba ji.He is well known personality in muslim religion. He use to spend maximum time of his life in solving problems of the people. He is attain deep knowledge of holy Islam and very expert in doing all types of Amals, ilam and also provides all types of waifs for each and every type of problem. He has helped people from all over the world by solving their different kinds of issues which they were facing in different sects of life. The methods provided by him to solve problems are very powerful and solve the problems in a very short time period.


||  बनाये वशीकरण यंत्र अपने घर में जो कर देगा आपकी हर चाह पूरी जानने के लिए – करे क्लिक||


How Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji Can Solve Your Problem ?


There are many types of Amal, ilam, Wajifa and Dua by which any kind of problem that we face in our day to day life can be removed and Moulana ji is very expert in practicing all these methods. He has deep knowledge in this field and very well knows that which method will be perfect for which problem. If you are facing any kind of problem or struck in very hard situation then you can contact him to get your problem resolved. He will provide you very simple method that can practice at your home also to get your problem resolved in a very short time period.


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Why Moulana Asfaq Khan is Preferred by People ?


Vashikaran Specialist Baba ji is has won seven Gold medals for his services and he attain very vast knowledge and expertise in this field. He works only for the benefits of the people selflessly and help people in their difficult times. He hails from such a family in which Astrology is practiced from several generations. Moulana ji has done research in this field and also written various books for the benefits of the people. Moulna ji is very well educated and expert Astrologer and he is also invited in many colleges and universities to deliver lectures.


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Services provided by Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji ?


1. To get your lost love back.


2. To get married soon.


3. To attain handsome profit in business.


4. To marry the person whom you admire.


5. To remove obstacles from the way to your love marriage.


6. To remove any kind of Black magic.


7. To handle your enemy.


8. To get employment and promotion.


9. To get love of the person whom you like.


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You can contact Moulana ji for the following problems :-


* If you are having stress and tensions in your life ?


* Is your husband/boyfriend or girlfriend/wife not talking to you?


* Are you in love with someone and want to get the love of that person?


* Is your partner left you suddenly without any reasons?


* Are you unable to express your feelings to the person whom you like?


Then you are at the right place.


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How to Do Vashikaran By Wajifa ?


You will need following material for this method:


1. White cloths.


2. Two white candles.


3. Some soil taken from the footstep of the person.


4. Two Almonds.


5. One small bottle of Honey.


6. Some soil taken from graveyard.


|| क्या है मुस्लिम वशीकरण और कैसे किया जाता है जानने के लिए – करे क्लिक यहाँ ||


Complete Method to do Vashikaran by Wajifa:-


1. First of all wear white cloths after taking bath.


2. Now sit facing towards the Masjid./p>

3. Put some soil taken from the footstep of the person in the bottle of honey.


4. Then place the bottle on the ground.


5. Light candles on both the sides of the bottle.


6. After that take two almonds in your hands and recite the given Dua for 121 times.


|| DUA ||


Ahabbakal-lathee ‘ahbabtanee lahu.


7. Now put one pinch of soil taken from the graveyard on both the Almonds.


8. Put one almond in the bottle of honey and keep other almond with you.


9. The cover the bottle with lid.


10. Burry the bottle in the graveyard.


11. After that prepare some sweetish and mix the Almond with you in it.


12. Offer that sweetish to the person whom you want to control.


13. After eating it that person will be under your control.


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Precautions for doing this method:-


1. Keep the lid of the bottle of honey open while reciting the Dua.


2. Do not use any scented Candles for this method.


3. Practice this method only on Friday.


4. Do not reveal anything about this method to anyone.


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