Vashikaran love spells

What is the purpose of Vashikaran love spells?

  • Vashikaran love spells are casted to attain affections of any particular boy or a girl. These spells can also be casted to settle down the unwanted circumstances that happen in love relationships.

How Vashikaran love spells are casted?

  • Required material:
  • -Two red candles.
  • -One new packet of salt.
  • -One dry coconut shell.
  • -One pair of chicken feet.
  • -Photo of the person.
  • -Any article touched by the person.
  • -One Banana leaf.
  • -Some fire wood.

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Beej Mantra

Method of Vashikaran for love:

  • -Take some salt in your right hand and draw circle on the ground.
  • -Place some firewood in the circle and place Banana leaf in front of it.
  • -Place coconut shell on the Banana leaf.
  • -Put the article touched by the person and his photo in the coconut shell.
  • -Pour some salt on the photo.
  • -Now light candles on both sides of the coconut shell.
  • -Make fire with the help of firewood.
  • -Recite the given Mantra for the 108 times and then put the pair of chicken feet in the fire.


“Yaa Laumail Bihakki Yaa Ain Yaa Ajimo” -Now collect the salt from the photo of the person in your right hand and again recite the Mantra for 108 times. -Use this salt to make any dish and offer that dish to that person to eat. -Cover the rest material in the Banana leaf and burry it under any tree after the sunset. After eating the dish prepared by energized salt the person will be attracted towards you and will soon fall in love with you.

Precautions for the method:

  • -Caste the spells on Friday.
  • -Never repeat this method on the same person.
  • -Use new packet of Salt only.
  • -Light the fire and candles with Matchsticks only.